Holiday travel hacks: 3 tricks to try before you leave town

Holiday travel can be extremely stressful, but with these simple tricks, things will go much more smoothly.

1. Sweatshirt pillows

Whether you're flying to your destination or riding in a car, you're going to want to get some shut-eye. But there's no need to buy a travel pillow when you can make one with something you already own! In fact, you were probably going to pack it anyway — a hoodie!

With just a few simple steps and folds, you can transform your hoodie into a pillow and catch those zzz's.

Step 1: Lay your hoodie flat on a table

Step 2: Roll it up

Step 3: Fold, fold again, and again, and again

Step 4: Take the hood and fold it over. 

2. Pack necklaces in straws

Traveling with necklaces is the worst. I can't tell you how many I've ruined by getting them tangled beyond repair. But, there's a super simple trick to avoid that situation — all you need is a straw!

Just loop your necklace through a straw and clasp it together. It will keep its loop — no knots!

3. How to pack a wine bottle

In my family, wine is essential to the holiday gathering. But packing wine is a danger zone! Well, those high top shoes you were planning to pack anyway? Put them to use!

Encase each bottle of wine between two shoes, and avoid any shattering.