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Hillary Clinton's campaign website error page might just quack you up

Visitors to the presidential candidate's campaign website are quacking up over a photo that appears on faulty links.
/ Source: TODAY

Politics aside, friends and foes of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may be able to agree on the quack-tastic photo that pops up when visitors to her website enter a faulty link.

Error pages, also known as "404" or "Not Found" pages, appear when Internet users try to visit a domain link that doesn't contain content. Occasionally, websites get creative with the way they deliver this news, whether it be via hollering goat, panicky Lego characters, taunting text, or even an old-school, text-only adventure game. 404 message –– the page you see when you try to access an address on the site that doesn’t exist –– shows a cute Clinton family portrait taken with Donald Duck. The note below it reads “Oops, that link wasn’t what it was quacked up to be.”

On, visitors who land on an error page are greeted by a vintage photo of Hillary, Bill and a wee Chelsea Clinton wearing Donald Duck hats and hanging out with the theme-park character himself.

"Oops, that link wasn't what it was quacked up to be," reads the caption. "But while you're here, how about signing up to volunteer?"

Festooned in a birthday hat and sash, Donald Duck appears to be celebrating his 50th birthday in the photo, indicating the picture was taken in 1984. (To be fair, Donny doesn't look a day over 18!)

Considered the Democratic Party frontrunner, Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy Sunday.

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