Hillary Clinton talks about and to Donald Trump (sort of) on 'Tonight Show'

/ Source: TODAY

Donald Trump was busy participating in the GOP debate Wednesday night, but somehow he managed to show up on "The Tonight Show," too.

Sort of.

Host Jimmy Fallon channeled the presidential hopeful while chatting with yet another presidential hopeful — Hillary Clinton.

During a mock phone call between the two, Clinton got serious, while Fallon-as-Trump played it for laughs.

"Donald, I've spent my entire career fighting for women's rights, pushing for equal pay in the workplace, for protecting women's health and reproductive rights, [and] making quality affordable childcare a reality for families," she said. "What is your stance on women's issues?"

"I know a lot of women and they all have issues!" he shot back.

But Fallon wasn't the only one doing a Trump impersonation on Wednesday night.

When defending herself against Trump's criticism of her use of teleprompters, Clinton said she "could go more stream-of-consciousness" before doing her own impression of the boardroom boss.

"Ya' know, this is a huuuuge election," she said in-character. "You nevah know what might happen. Ya' know, let's get rid of the people that don't agree with us and only talk to the people who do!"

That approach, she said, is something "you can do that without a teleprompter."

While Trump was the main topic of the night, he was far from the only one.

Check out all the clips to see what the candidate had to say on the issues.

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