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Hilarious video of bumbling jewelry shop robbers goes viral

These men took "thick as thieves" very seriously.
/ Source: TODAY

What happens when your attempted heist turns into a complete fiasco? Three men in London found out the hard way in April 2019 when they attempted to ransack a jewelry shop in North London.

The clip from a robbery in the spring of 2019 re-aired on television when one of the suspects, Andrew Elliot, 32, was sentenced to jail for seven years for stealing £21,000 (approximately $27,300) worth of jewelry, according to BBC News. One Twitter user shared the clip to his feed on January 18.

The clip of the robbery gone wrong has already amassed 1.3 million views and continues to gain traction due to its bizarre nature.

James Felton, author and comedy writer, shared the video on his feed, writing, “Would watch a heist movie where it’s just three hours of planning followed by this.”

The lone shop assistant broke free from the robbers after attempting to hold her hostage, hit a panic button, and managed to lock herself in the bathroom for safety. Panic ensued from the three suspects, leading to their viral, less-than-graceful exit strategy.

While the police are on their way, the three suspects begin to move throughout the store before finally attempting to leave the premise. Except the door is locked from the inside, leaving them stuck pulling on a door that will not open.

One of the suspects remembered that there was a catch and release button behind the counter and pushes it to open the door for one of his accomplices, who then forgets to hold the door open. The pattern continues with another press of the catch and release button, allowing one of the other robbers to leave without holding the door for their accomplice.

The final robber, stuck in the store with the police still on their way, attempts to hit the button and run to the door in time, but nonetheless fails. It isn’t until a passerby opens the door for him that he is able to escape from the scene.

Twitter has been reacting to the hilariousvideo, adding their commentary on the robbery gone wrong.

“Two still at large? Nice they've kept it open for a sequel,” one user wrote.

Another user turned the fiasco into a modern-day skit from “The Three Stooges,” creating a dialogue between Larry, Curly, and Moe.

And one user simply stated, "I will never ever get tired of watching this. Amazing 😭"