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High-tech winter gadgets for seniors

 Jim Miller, editor of Savvy Senior, a syndicated news column, talks about a few gadgets to help make any blustery cold winter a bit more manageable.
/ Source: TODAY

It doesn't matter how old you are, being snowed in can give anyone cabin fever. Jim Miller, editor of savvy senior, a syndicated news column, talks about a few gadgets to help make any blustery cold winter a bit more manageable.

Wintertime Gadgets for Indoor Activities

Light Wedge
A sleek alternative to book lamps. Illuminated by a strip of bright LEDs, the thin pane of plastic sits flat over the pages of any standard hardcover and enables bookworms to read in a dark bedroom, on airplanes, on trains or anywhere else without disturbing others nearby. Distortion-free optical-grade acrylic lens reflects LED edge light onto the page, not into your eyes. One-touch operation, two brightness levels.Price: $35. Can be purchased at Barnes & Noble or through

Deluxe Paraffin Bath
Spoil yourself! Deep heat paraffin therapy of a paraffin bath helps soothe chronic arthritis pain from inflammations in your hands and feet.  You dip your hand or foot into the paraffin, encasing your skin in warmth that penetrates every crevice. When the wax/paraffin is removed, your skin will feel smooth and silky because the heat actually moisturizes the skin.Item#: DL2900N   Price: $189.99Order by calling Dynamic Living at 1-888-940-0605 or visiting

Card Lover's Gift Set What better activity than playing cards on a cold winter day. The card lover's set makes card shuffling and holding cards a breeze, so everyone can enjoy the game.  Battery operated card shuffler makes it easy to shuffle up to 4 decks for your favorite card games. Also included: 2 card holders and a revolving card tray.   Item#: DL5100Price: $29.99  Order by calling Dynamic Living at 1-888-940-0605 or by visiting

New York Times Touch Screen Crossword Puzzle
Now you can do the world famous crossword anywhere without a pencil.  This pocket sized touch screen electronic handheld contains 1000 genuine New York Times crossword puzzles.  It offers 3 selectable levels of difficulty from beginner to expert.  Use the included stylus to see clues, fill in words and even get hints.  It uses 3 AAA batteries (not included).

Item#: Model #455-2  Price: $69.95  Web site:

Pedal Exerciser
Stay in shape without leaving your favorite chair! Increase your strength and improve your circulation and coordination with this compact, highly effective pedal exerciser!  It can be used on a table top as an arm exerciser or on the floor to give your legs a work-out.  Hook-and-loop straps will hold your feet firmly to the pedals.  The Pedal Exerciser has a convenient tension control that allows a broad range of pedal resistance for a progressive exercise program.  It is so compact that you won't have a problem storing it or taking it with you! 

Price: $39.99  Order by calling Dynamic Living at 1-888-940-0605 or by visiting

Wintertime Gadgets for Your Car

Heated Car Seat Cushion
Winter travel is more pleasant if your bottom is quickly warmed while you wait those ten or fifteen minutes for the car heater to warm vehicle air. Portable 12 Volt seat heaters by Wagan begin to warm bottoms and backs in about a minute after it's plugged in and turned on. Use in any vehicle with a 12 Volt Car Lighter Socket. Price: $29.95   Item#: ES-WA-9738 Wagan Heated Seat Cushion 12V for VehiclesOrder by calling Safe Home Products 1-888-607-9902 or visiting

Ice scraper + Lock de-icer If it's cold enough to freeze a lock, the last place they want to be is stranded in a parking lot. Get in the door in no time with this easy-to-use lock de-icer and scraper. The lock de-icer probe heats up to quickly melt ice away from any keyhole. A built-in flashlight illuminates nighttime jobs, and the attached key chain ensures that they never leave home without it. The scraper plugs into the car lighter with a 15-foot cord.

Price: $28Available from Red Envelope at 1-877-733-3683 or visit

Helpful Winter Gadgets

Ergo Snow Shovel The main feature of this snow shovel is the offset handle, which allows anyone who would consider shoveling snow to do it with very little bending at the waist. Price: $19.99Available from

Snow Plow Plus
Don't let snow get you down simply push it aside with the Snow Plow Plus. Its lightweight design quickly rolls the snow to one side, eliminating the need to lift or bend.

Price: $29.99Ames 1-800-833-3068

Emergency Response Telephone System
Are you concerned that you might fall or need emergency help this winter? This full featured ER Phone has a built in emergency response system that can contact neighbors, friends, relatives or the police! A bright ring flasher and a very loud ringer.

Price: $209.99 Available from Dynamic Living 1-888-940-0605  or visit