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High-tech gadgets for baby boomers

Lifestyle gerontologist Alexis Abramson features products customized for hearing loss, medication needs and more.
/ Source: Weekend Today

Over half of baby boomers will turn 50 this year, and many are looking for high-tech gadgets to make their lives easier. From motion sensor monitoring devices to hearing aid remote control watches, there's something for everyone. Alexis Abramson, a lifestyle gerontologist, was invited on "Today" to share the latest gadgets for baby boomers.

QuietCare Motion Detector/Monitor The system utilizes small, unobtrusive, strategically placed wireless sensors to monitor the senior in their own home. Motion sensors can be placed in the senior's bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and medication areas. Each sensor transmits information 24 hours a day. The base station gathers this information and regularly transmits it over the Internet to a QuietCare client's personal computer. Caregivers can also be alerted to problems by call center professionals or via e-mail, cell phone, text message or pager, or by checking a password-protected Web site. Pricing varies according to geographic region; available at

Pathlighter Lighted Safety Cane
The Pathlighter lighted safety cane offers the support of a traditional cane while offering the added safety of a light built into the shaft to help the user see what surrounds them. The light provides additional safety in the dark for those whose vision is impaired. $65, available at

Sonic Boom Vibrating Alarm Clock
Not only is this alarm clock louder than a standard clock, it also has a vibrating alert that is placed under the pillow to wake adults who might not hear the alarm go off due to low hearing. $39.95, available at Sharper Image and

Casio Travel Vibrating Alarm Clock with Pill Case This product has an alarm timer and a detachable five-compartment pill storage case. The display reads very clearly for those with low vision and also has a LED backlight for viewing at night. The medication pill box fits in a pocket or purse. $49.95, available at

Medglider Talking Pill Case
This electronic pill case cues you every 4 to 6 hours, 24 hours a day, or as prescribed. At the times you set, the relevant number icon blinks and the pillbox timer beeps, talks or flashes, prompting you to take your medication. Instructions included; $49.95, available at

Watch Pilot2 from Phonak
Phonak's Claro is a digital hearing computer featuring new technology that improves speech intelligibility. It continuously self-adjusts to separate conversation from background noise, locate and suppress the loudest noise source, and eliminate over- and under-amplification. Wearers have the option to override the automatic feature for telephone conversations or other situations where they want to choose their hearing program. Available at

Whereify Wireless GPS Cell Phone
Colorful GPS watches from Wherify Wireless help caregivers keep track of Alzheimer's patients or any aging parent. This watch has a GPS chip and two buttons — one that dials 911, the other a programmable number. $99.95 for phone, plus $15.95 monthly cell phone service with 300 minutes of talk time; available at

Plantronics Cell Phone Amplifier
This device is a compact amplifier that plugs into the headset jack of a cell phone and amplifies incoming sound up to 24 dB (with tone control). Especially useful for any adult who has low hearing. It's voice activated and easily plugs into any cell phone. $39.95, available at