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High school senior with cerebral palsy walks for the 1st time to get diploma

A teenager with cerebral palsy walked for the first time during his commencement ceremony.
/ Source: TODAY

Like the other high school seniors around him, Micah McDade prepared hard for graduation day. But unlike those classmates, Micah’s preparation took a little more muscle.

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Micah, who was born with cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, took his first steps in public during his graduation ceremony last Friday.

After wheeling himself to the stage, Micah stood up and made his way across the stage, with the help of a walker, to accept his diploma. His senior classmates gave him a standing ovation.

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He spent months in rehabilitation getting ready for the moment, according to Okmulgee News Network.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I've been doing this a long time," the announcer said as Micah was helped back into his wheelchair. "That is the best ever!"