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Here comes the bride, all dressed in ... pink?

Find the perfect wedding dress in any shade! Millie Martini Bratten of Brides offers tips for finding the right color, style to match your skin tone, shape.
/ Source: TODAY

At the next wedding you go to don't be shocked if the bride appears in something other than white. Millie Martini Bratten, editor in-chief of Brides magazine, shares the top trends in wedding dresses.

Today, wedding gowns come in almost every color you can imagine — from chalk-white to scarlet — and experimenting with various shades is part of the fun of dress shopping. But before you head out to the stores, here's a quick color lesson to help you choose the most flattering shade for your skin tone.

The first step in deciding what hue is right for you is to determine your skin tone:

1. Look at your inner wrist to see if your veins are bluish or greenish. Blue veins indicate cool skin; if they're green, your skin is warm.

2. If you're still unsure about your skin tone, think about how you react to the sun. Women who tend to burn have cool skin; easy tanners have warm skin.

3. Finally, stand in front of a mirror in natural light and focus on your face. If your skin is fair to medium with a pinkish cast, or dark with a bluish or red cast, you're cool. If your skin is fair to medium with a greenish or olive cast, or dark with a golden or chocolate cast, you're warm.

If you have cool skin: You should wear cool whites and pastels like pure white, silver-white, ice blue, lavender, or pale pink. When considering more vibrant shades like red or blue, look for colors that have bluish undertones (opt for magenta instead of orange-red; sapphire instead of aquamarine).

If you have warm skin: Look for warm whites and pastels like ecru, champagne, yellowy pink, ivory, and apricot. Thinking about something punchier? Sunny shades like cappuccino and even a brilliant yellow-green will show off your personal style while also enhancing your glow.

Now that you know the color, here are steps to find the style that will flatter your figure:

If you're busty: Choose an off-the-shoulder, strapless, V-neckline, or other low, open neck styles with minimal decoration; a wide or dramatic skirt will help balance your shape.

If you're flat chested: Choose a jewel, bateau, or Sabrina neckline; a bodice with embellishments or ruching; a sheath, mermaid, Empire, or other slim gown.

If you're pear shaped: Choose an A-line silhouette or a full or flared skirt; a form-fitting bodice such as a corset or side-draped torso; or decoration at the neckline and shoulders.

If you're apple shaped: Choose an A-line, an Empire or basque waist, a corset torso, or a side-draped torso — all of these will help create a lean silhouette.

If you want to look taller: Choose a sheath, A-line, mermaid, or Empire silhouette; a high neckline; tea length, street length, or mini. Limit ornamentation to the chest and shoulders.

If you want to look shorter: Choose a low-cut or strapless neckline; a full skirt; or horizontal details, like a sashed waistline or panels around the bust or waist.

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