Henner and DeVito remember Jeff Conaway

Jeff Conaway's death has left a hole in the hearts of the cast of "Taxi."

"Jeff was like a brother to me," Marilu Henner, who also starred with Conaway onstage in "Grease," said in a statement to E! News Friday.

"Tony Danza and I visited Jeff in the hospital almost daily over the past two weeks. We saw how much love surrounded him, along with his sisters, Michelle and Carla, his wife, Kerri, his ex-wife, Rona, and his friend, Lance. Jeff looked the healthiest I'd seen him in a long time and I really thought that he was going to come out of this.

"I will miss my talented, handsome, loving friend so much."

Danny DeVito, who played mouthy dispatcher Louie De Palma, also remembered his co-star. "Jeff was a good man," DeVito said in a statement to E! News. "I will always think of him fondly and of our days together with the 'Taxi' family. Finally he's at peace."

Conaway played Bobby Wheeler, struggling actor by day and NYC cab driver by night, for three seasons.

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