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Heidi Fleiss on Hollywood hypocrisy

Heidi Fleiss joined Scarborough Country Tuesday, and talked about Hollywood executives, marketing sex, and whether crime pays.

In Heidi Fleiss’ new book “Pandering,” she quotes a Hollywood executive as saying, “In L.A., it is a small clique. We all go to the same florist, the same dentist, and the same madam.” The madam that this executive must have been talking about, Heidi Fleiss, joined Scarborough Country Tuesday.

HEIDI FLEISS HAS a new book out, a new store opening up in Hollywood. But why did she return to the scene of the crime in Beverly Hilton, in Merv Griffin’s hotel?

HEIDI FLEISS, AUTHOR “PANDERING”: Well, First of all, it is a beautiful hotel. And I think that largely my arrest came down here because he had a huge tab that he didn’t pay. So it was an easy way of settling it. Ah ha ha ha ha.

SCARBOROUGH: Ha ha ha ha. Tell us a little bit about the book and about whether people in SCARBOROUGH COUNTRY, in middle America, would enjoy buying this book.

FLEISS: I think even people who don’t like me will enjoy this book because there’s something for everyone to identify with in this book. And it’s a book like no one else has ever seen. The style, the format, the layout. It’s very unique. This book is like a roller coaster ride and it’s more entertaining than any hooker on the planet.

SCARBOROUGH: Let’s talk about the book and also let’s talk about the fact you have got a book out. You have got a new store started up, “Hollywood Madam.” I understand you’re in a joint venture with an Australian brothel. You’re the ambassador to that. A lot of people looking at that would say, “Gee, seems like crime pays.” What does that say about Hollywood culture and Hollywood values?

FLEISS: Well, you got to separate all of it. For instance, I don’t view myself as a very sexual person. I could have been selling toasters. It just happened to be women. And I somehow it seems that I make my life off of my future. I have a radio show coming out, “Sex advice with Heidi Fleiss,” my store, “Hollywood Madam.” And it doesn’t look like crime pays. I got sucked in there and, you know, you go where the money is.

SCARBOROUGH: But the money is in Hollywood, though, and there’s a reason why you didn’t sell toasters in Hollywood. There’s a reason why you sold sex to Hollywood executives. And that’s because Hollywood is what many Americans have long suspected it is, a den of iniquity. Is that a safe thing to say?

FLEISS: Well, look, sex sells everywhere. It’s not only in Hollywood. Let me tell you, the laws in the United States are set up for the men. The men are padded on the back, they are coddled, they are protected. There is no equality in the laws. The women are labeled, shackled, and handcuffed, humiliated.

SCARBOROUGH: Men are arrested too.

FLEISS: Only the poorest John driving on the corner who is driving around trying to get $40 or whatever.

SCARBOROUGH: But you’re saying the Hollywood executives are not arrested.

FLEISS: None of the big shots...

SCARBOROUGH: They get off scott-free?

FLEISS: All the big shots go, and they...

SCARBOROUGH: Yes, well. So you’re saying then that Hollywood executives who used your service and used other services got off scott-free? But these are the same people who are making the movies our children watch, who are producing the CDs that our children listen to, and doing the TV shows that our kids are watching. Does that concern you?

FLEISS: Well, I am well aware of the hypocrisy, and I know from a very unique position, you know, who the people are, and what goes on. And sometimes I just kind of look at it like “all men cheat. ”

SCARBOROUGH: OK. Well, thank you very much.