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/ Source: TODAY
By Nicole Mastrangelo

Just how popular is football among Americans?

As we gear up for the most popular football game of the year, Passions in America recently surveyed families and found that many parents and grandparents would encourage their children to play football before they would ask they participate in school band!

Conducted by Research America Inc., the survey also revealed that over half of its participants would favor a female Commissioner of the NFL and are in strong support of more women joining the league as head coaches across national teams. (Three cheers for that!)

But not to be outshone, the Olympics are still the main sports dream. While 24 percent of Americans would love to become MVP of a Super Bowl, 30 percent of the participants would prefer to become an Olympic gold medalist.

No matter how big of a football fan you are, we know many will be turning on the game to check out the commercials! Here are some of our favorite previews so far: