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Woman nearly hit by boulder that crashed through her home in close call caught on camera

A woman in Honolulu narrowly avoided a serious injury when a 5-foot boulder crashed through her home in a frightening scene caught on video.

A Hawaii woman was walking toward her couch to watch television near midnight one evening last weekend when a boulder came crashing through the wall of her home and narrowly missed crushing her in a frightening scene caught on video.

"I heard the loud boom, and apparently the boulder passed right in from of me, which I didn't know, I couldn't see it," Caroline Sasaki told Hawaii News Now. "All I heard was the boom."

A home security camera captured the stunning moment around 11:45 p.m. local time at Sasaki's home in the Palolo Valley section of Honolulu. The boulder can be seen crashing through a cinder block wall, rolling through the living room and then smashing through another wall before stopping in a bedroom.

The boulder, estimated by fire officials to be about 5 feet in height and width, had struck a car next to the home before crashing through the wall, according to Hawaii News Now.

It's unclear what caused the boulder to move and roll into the home, but there had been heavy rains in the area in recent days.

The family just moved into the home this month and told Hawaii News Now that the boulder remained in their house as of Jan. 30 while insurance adjusters assess the damage.