Have you seen the viral Obamacare girl? 

The search is on to identify the anonymous model whose image has been scrubbed from the website after she became the face of frustration regarding the site's well-publicized glitches.

Who is the woman who has become the face of Obamacare and where did she go?

When the glitch-plagued launched on Oct. 1, visitors were greeted by a smiling woman next to the tag line “The Health Insurance Marketplace is Open!” For some users the site then crashed repeatedly, and navigation sometimes took hours. While people waited, the smiling visage of the same anonymous model became the face of frustration over the site’s issues, spawning an online meme. 

Over the weekend, all pictures of the woman suddenly disappeared from the website, leaving a design with just text and graphics. Media outlets have tried to track down her identity, but it remains a mystery. 

Do you know who she is? Tweet your intel using the hashtag #OrangeRoom.