Gunnison, adorable kitten with cancer, gets outpouring of support after diagnosis

/ Source: TODAY

A kitten diagnosed with cancer just two days before Christmas is getting a lot of love this season.

Supporters donated more than $5,000 to ensure that little Gunnison gets the treatment he needs to survive, thanks to a fund set up by Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit that helps feral cats.

Gunnison was diagnosed with bone cancer, but supporters raised more than $5,000 for his treatment.Courtesy of Kitty Bungalow

Shawn Simons, founder and "headmistress" of Kitty Bungalow, told TODAY that Gunnison has a rare bone cancer and might need a leg amputation. His treatment will cost more than her organization can afford, so she put out a call for donations — and said "feline fans" were eager to help.

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"We came very close to our goal within two days," she said.

Gunnison is a Los Angeles kitten with bone cancer.Courtesy of Kitty Bungalow

Kitty Bungalow supports strays by taking care of them until they're adopted, and also through the TNR method — "trap, neuter and release" — to help stabilize the population of feral cats.

Once Gunnison is healthy again, he'll be up for adoption. And judging by how adorable he is, we're sure that won't last long. Plus, we hear he gives great massages. Consider this adorable video our New Year's gift to you: