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By Scott Stump

From a man catching 16 darts in one hand in a minute to 325 people dressing up as penguins, Thursday was a record-setting day across the world.

Those world records and several more have been set on the ninth annual Guinness World Records Day, established in 2004, which celebrates strange and stupendous feats across the globe and encourages people to make a run at putting their name in the Guinness World Record book.

The largest collection of pizza boxes belongs to Scott Wiener and consists of 595 different boxes in Brooklyn, New York.Philip Robertson / Today

Three of the records set were by Americans, led by Brooklyn’s Scott Weiner, who set the mark for largest collection of pizza boxes with 595 gathered from 45 different countries. Texan Tim Wade, 17, set the male record for most consecutive handsprings with 46. A member of the Harlem Globetrotters, Thunder Law, threw a basketball 109 feet, 9 inches into a hoop to set the record for longest basketball shot.

The largest gathering of people dressed as penguins is 325, and was achieved by members of the Richard House Children's Hospice in Wood Wharf, London, England, for Guinness World Records Day 2013, the international day of record breaking.AnneCaroline / Today

In the United Kingdom, 325 people supported Richard House Children’s Hospice in London by simultaneously wearing penguin outfits to set the record for largest gathering of people dressed as penguins. Over at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London, others set the mark for most hula hoops spun simultaneously by a group of 10 people with 264.

The most hula hoops spun simultaneously by a team is 264 and was achieved by Marawa the Amazing and her Majorettes at the Shaftesbury Theatre, London, on 14 November 2013.Matt Crossick / Today
Cheyne Hultgren successfully sets a new Guinness Book World Record for most swords swallowed while underwater.DAN HIMBRECHTS / Today

German Joe Alexander caught 16 darts in one hand in one minute to set a world record, and a group in Norway produced the world’s largest knitted scarf at an incredible 2.84 miles long. Norwegian Chayne Jultgren also set a record by swallowing three swords while underwater.

A Japanese man broke his own record set on last year’s Guinness World Records Day. Kenichi Ito covered 100 meters while on all fours in a record 16.87 seconds, besting his mark of 17.47 seconds from a year ago.

All of the aforementioned feats performed Thursday have been officially verified as world records, according to Guinness spokesperson Sara Wilcox.

"Guinness World Records Day brings together likeminded people, whether they're hula-hoopers, ninjas, sword swallowers, or penguin fancy-dressers," said Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief, Craig Glenday, in a press release. "It's one thing to be amazing, but are you 'officially amazing'?"


Enjoy these eye-popping images of the biggest, fastest, longest, weirdest and wackiest record breakers featured in the 2014 edition of “Guinness World Records.”