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Great gifts to give — or get

Cut your holiday shopping time with some of these fashionable finds from the editors of In Style magazine. “Today” contributor and In Style’s Charla Krupp shares the skinny.
/ Source: TODAY

Finding that perfect gift for just about anyone doesn’t come easy year after year, but In Style magazine has some suggestions to take the stress out of your holiday shopping, with it’s stylish gifts section in the December issue of the magazine. “Today” contributor and In Style’s Charla Krupp shares the skinny.

Best fashion gifts to give — or to get!
Grab your note pad! For the ninth consecutive year, the December issue of In Style presents 201 gifts for the trendsetters in your life — the too-cool kids, the have-it-already friends, the guys so over the latest gimmicks. It wasn’t easy to narrow down.

What are the hot trends this year?
Gifts that were among the chosen, by In Style editor Jacqueline Goewey, had one of the following going for them:

1. Color! Exuberant brights in red, pink, orange. Even in New York City, where black rules, black looks boring this season. Retailers confirm that shocking shades are packing a punch with shoppers. Even in something as traditional as men’s dress shirts, they’re going for bright stripes.

2. Patterns. Pucci, mod, the wilder the better.

3. A touch of fur — faux or real. Gifts with the soft comfy feel of a baby’s blanket — like the Ugg boots everyone’s wearing — are what we want.

The best gifts for her...or you
Ugg’s Fluffy Scuff sheepskin slippers with leather soles — $70. We assume that she owns a pair of Ugg boots — and if she doesn’t, forget buying them this season. They’re impossible to find. In LA, where you can buy these at the store Madison, women are actually wearing these slippers with jeans out on the town during the day. (Full sizes, 6-10, call Madison in LA at 323-651-3662.)

While we’re talking sell-out boots, check out the Pucci signature pattern snow boots with rubber soles après-ski. They’re $160, not bad for designer boots, and the Pucci store in NYC sold out of them two months ago. But good news! Neiman Marcus by Mail bought up every pair they could find and have new shipment of 900 coming in today. They are not in store, you have to call (800-825-8000).

The cutest laptop case we’ve seen. It’s lightweight and bright. At $35 from, it makes a great girlfriend gift. She’ll never mistake her black laptop case for anyone else’s. Tangerine and apple are the best sellers. (Call 213-748-8688 or go to Made of neoprene, like wetsuits, and is shock absorbent. Fits a 14-inch by 12-inch laptop only. Larger ones for the Apple G4 are coming.

Finding great gifts for guys is always the challenge
No guy really wants a tie, belt, pjs, robe, cufflinks, shoes or dress shirt — get it? So if he needs clothes, also get him a toy because that’s what will really light him up. Like my favorite gift right here...

For $20, you can have a new stereo system. Plug your Walkman into a small square CD case and you can share your music with everyone in the room. The amplifier is actually the durable acetate case. It’s called I’m A Speaker from TDK Electronics and you can find it at Tower Records, J & R Music World even Rite Aid! It will change your life! Take it on the road, perfect a hotel room. As my nieces said when I plugged in their Avril Lavigne CD, ‘Awesome!’ Takes two AA batteries and stores 20 CDs. (For more stores, call 800-835-8273.)

For guys over 16 who need wheels, the Red Dragon electric scooter by Leoch is $200 at Target. Even the women at In Style were lining up to take a spin. Feels like a moped but uses a battery instead of gas. Good for the environment.Goes up to 12.4 miles per hour. Find it in the automotive department at Target.

(Different states have different laws about electric scooters.) Just make you sure you charge the battery before you ride. You get 15.5 miles per charge.

How do you know what kids really want?
In Style is an authority on many subjects but toys isn’t typically one of them. We had our editors’ kids test drive every toy under consideration. We paid attention to how happy they were to receive it, and how long they stayed with it.

Boys and girls, ages 4-12, went wild for The Binocular Cam from Wild Planet Toys for National

Geographic. It’s both binocular and camera — for $15 and that includes a roll of 35-mm film. Aren’t there times you wish you had a stash of great, dirt cheap, gifts for kids? I’m going to stock up on these on my next trip to Target. It gets kids away from the TV and may even nurture a love for nature and animals.

Blabla’s cotton hand knit sweaters have pockets with room for a couple animal puppets. The sweaters are $56 and the puppets, $5 each. Clothes that can actually keep kids entertained, what a concept. Cow and monkey are most popular at (Or call 877-KID-COOL). Sizes 6M-4T in pink, sky or grass.

If you’re a grandma, and you really want to make your grandson happy, it’s the Sky King steel plane from Airflow Collectibles. A big splurge at $379. It’s very retro; in fact, an exact replica of a toy that kids in the 30s played with. You can be sure that this toy that will never get thrown out. ( or 877-KID-COOL.) A lot of fathers are buying this for their sons.

Charla Krupp of In Style magazine has been a beauty and fashion contributor to “Today” going on eight years in a segment that’s followed her from In Style magazine to Glamour (as beauty director) to (as editor-in-chief and vice president) and back to In Style. She’s an award-winning journalist known for her accessible, “real woman’s” approach to fashion and beauty. For more information you can call 888-689-1643 or visit the In Style Web site at:, or pick up the latest issue of In Style magazine on newsstands now.