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Great Dane rescued from ravine after 16 days

A Great Dane that had been missing for 16 days is rescued, emaciated but without major injuries, after being spotted 50 feet down a Vancouver, Wash., ravine.
/ Source: KGW-TV

A Great Dane that had been missing for 16 days was rescued Friday after he was spotted 50 feet down a ravine near Vancouver Lake.

The dog was taken to Portland’s DoveLewis Animal Hospital, where doctors determined Titan was emaciated but had no broken bones. He had an infection and several minor injuries.

Amanda Giese, who had been responsible for Titan when he ran away Dec. 29, climbed down a muddy ravine near NW 122nd Street and Lakeshore Avenue in Felida to retrieve him.

Titan weighed nearly as much as Giese when she climbed back up the slope with him, according to Tiffini Mueller of DoveLewis.

Giese and her husband, Gary, were taking care of Titan for Gary’s sister when the dog ran away. Titan’s owners lived in Medford but were returning to search for him in Vancouver whenever possible. They had also offered a reward for his return.

They were reunited with Titan at DoveLewis Friday.

“This has restored some of my faith in humanity,” Gary Giese said. Amanda Giese said of the experience, “The lesson I learned from all of this is to never give up. Keep looking. Do everything you can and keep the faith.”