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Great accessories can update your style

Stacy London of ‘What Not to Wear’ shows you how to go from drab to fab
/ Source: TODAY

As part of TODAY’s iVillage makeover series, Stacy London, the show’s fashion expert and co-host of TLC’s “What Not to Wear,” shows you how to use accessories to take your look from drab to fab. Stacy shares some tips and accessories trends that will give any outfit an extra boost. 

You’re never fully dressed without an accessory! Every season we like to keep you updated with what’s going on trend-wise, but we also want you to know that accessories are essential for taking a nice outfit to the next level of WHAM-POW! We’re talking about more than a wedding ring and the necklace your grandma gave you. This is about changing your bag and shoes and jewelry for any occasion to create a really unique style. While it’s important to know accessory trends, it’s more important to know how to plug them into your life. So we’re going to show you great accessories for all facets of your lifestyle, because it’s not about wearing great accessories just for dress up, but about coordinating them with your work attire and casual outfits too.

WorkA standard, work appropriate suit is universal and always works for the office. We’re going to show you how to take a suit like this and transform it into a very stylish outfit for work. It will command style and respect, not just for its tailored look, but we’re going to take it to the next level using some focal accessories.


  • Blazer: Banana Republic, $198
  • Shirt: Ralph Lauren, $109
  • Pants: Banana Republic, $98
  • Shoes: Banana Republic, $138

This season, we’re going to see a lot of bright colors in accessories. Most people think bright colors are inappropriate for work, but little touches of color can make a suit look really special and unique. A powerful yellow, it makes a bold statement, and we’ve used the scarf to tie the whole outfit together. 


  • Earrings: Soho Style, $35
  • Scarf: Echo, $48
  • Bangles: Ben Amun, $65
  • Bag:, $120
  • Shoes: Jessica Simpson, $82.95

Many mothers spend their day running around town picking up kids and getting groceries. Moms need a simple lifestyle, which means they need accessories that are functional and easy for them to coordinate. The great thing about accessories is it they don’t have to be for show. You can do things that are trend-oriented and stylish for your own life style.


  • Blazer: Uniqlo, $59.50
  • Top: Uniqlo, $89.50
  • Jeans: Serfontaine, $200
  • Shoes: Fila, $83.95

First of all moms, if your hair is dirty, don’t you dare put it in a baseball hat again! This is one of those mommy excuses: “I’m a mom on the run and am just going to throw on a hat.” Put on a scarf like this instead. Your hair will be pulled back and you’ll look like an attractive human being. What mom doesn’t like to show off her kids? A locket lets you carry around your kid pictures in a sweet way. And big bags don't have to be ugly! Try a canvas bag with leather trim, such has one from Banana Republic. It has that country club aesthetic, which in of itself is a classic. Flats are a huge trend again this season, especially the square toed, chunky buckle, 60s shoes. My advice to moms everywhere: get rid of the running sneakers! You can still walk around town and get errands done in these cute flats. They’re comfortable and are a super easy way to participate in a trend without altering a mom’s daily schedule. 


  • Head Scarf: Rachel Weissman, $45
  • Necklace: Gara Danielle, $198
  • Bangle: A. Tierney, $18
  • Bangle: a.v. max,  $40
  • Bag: Banana Republic, $178
  • Watch: Kenneth Cole, $85
  • Shoes: Nine West, $79

TrendyGraphic prints and dresses are very big for the upcoming season. We’re also seeing a lot of floral and animal prints. Go with whatever works best for you. Dresses are essential to everyday living, I don’t care who you are. They can be trendy, girlie, or romantic, and everyone should invest in them this season.


  • Dress: H&M, $59.90
  • Shoes: Steve Madden, $73.95

I said this on our Trend Forecast segment at the beginning of the year: White and clear will be big this season. It’s a bit space age and futuristic. This season it’s all about silver, clear, lucite and white.  But we're also going to see a lot of the clear and white with a sweeter edge to them. Look for pieces with interesting combinations like this wicker and leather bag.


  • Sunglasses: DKNY, $79
  • Earrings:, $85
  • Necklace: Leila, $95
  • Necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane,  $100
  • Pendant: Fragments, $35
  • Bracelets: Susan Hanover, $55
  • Bracelets: Babylone, $90
  • Bracelets: Fragments, $25
  • Bangles: Ben Amun, $60
  • Bag: Adrienne Vittadini, $278
  • Shoes: Report Gala @, $175; Oh Deer! @, $113.95

Dress upWe’re going to give soft fabric some substance by lending some heavy, glitzy jewelry. That and a bag and shoes to match will pop a romantic dress into a super duper evening look. The dress by itself with tiny earrings and simple shoe could be appropriate for a pretty wedding, but we want to take it for a night on the town. Less sugar, more spice.


  • Dress: Helen Wang $278

This is a cautionary tale to women of all shapes and sizes — that dress you think you can’t do anything with in your closet can be transformed with some great accessories. Thank goodness sparkle doesn’t ever go out of style. This is where the accessories really make the outfit. Accessories alone turn a simple dress into a much more formal outfit. Make note of the reverse too — a shiny dress should have more minimal accessories so that the accessories don't compete. 


  • Earrings: Susan Jane, $106
  • Necklace: Lenni Navarro, $150
  • Bangles: Kenneth Jay Lane, $100
  • Bracelet: Ben Amun, $100
  • Ring: Kenneth Cole, $68
  • Ring: Mimi & Marge, $150
  • Clutch: Inge Christopher
  • Shoes: Steven, $165

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