Grandparents mishear 'whisper challenge' pregnancy news: 'Do you want spinach?'

/ Source: TODAY

Pregnant women of the world, take note: This is the right way (OK, fine, the "funniest" way) to let your loved ones in on the good news.

We're glad Toni Paolillo, 28, and her husband, Mike Paolillo, 29, realized that.

The two of them scoured the web looking for creative and funny ways to let their family know they were expecting. At last, they came across a few "whisper challenge" videos, in which unsuspecting parents are asked to read lips (think: "You're going to be grandparents!" or "We're going to have a baby!") while listening to blaring music.

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The Paolillos knew at once that the scheme would work perfectly on Toni's grandparents.

"They're just so special, and they're always making us laugh," Toni Paolillo told TODAY in a phone interview. "We knew we had to do something extra good with them, and their reaction would have to be captured on camera."

After seeing the clip (which was posted to the Love What Really Matters Facebook page), we're pretty sure "cute" is an understatement. It opens with Paolillo's grandpa and grandma futzing with their headphones ("Do you have the same song on? I can't hear that!"). As Paolillo repeats the whispered phrase, "You are great-grandparents" over and over again, their guesses as to what she's really saying get wilder, ranging from "Do you want spinach?" to "What are you dreaming about?" to "You are crazy, grandma!"

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Of course, even Paolillo didn't expect the game to have such hilarious results.

"We really had no idea they'd have such a hard time guessing or that we'd all end up laughing so much," she said.

Finally, all is revealed and the game comes to an end. Paolillo's grandpa clutches his chest and gasps upon realizing the news, and her grandma follows shortly after with her own elated reaction.

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Paolillo's just glad the video's making so many people smile. "We don’t get to see so many positive things on the news, and we're just so happy to share this news with people."

More exciting still: The baby is due Sept. 16.