Grandmother, 89, cheers on Miami Heat in video: 'I really go crazy'

She's 89 years old, and she loves her Miami Heat. 

While a grandmother in Broward County, Florida animatedly watched her favorite team beat the Indiana Pacers in Game Four of the Eastern Conference finals on May 26, her grandson shot video of her lambasting the referees, calling Pacers' players "crybabies" and rooting like crazy for her Heat. He gave the video footage to a friend, who edited it together into a YouTube video that he labeled "#1 Heat Fan Grandma" that has gone viral. 

The grandmother, who only wanted to be identified by her first name, Mary, said she had no idea she was that into the game until her grandson, John, a 32-year-old substitute teacher in Broward County, showed her the video. 

"Oh my God, I almost fell through the floor,'' she told "I never realized he took those videos. I would've been much nicer. I really go crazy, especially if they're abusing my Heat men."

John's friend, professional video editor Isaac Royffe, edited together clips John shot with an iPhone. 

"I never expected so many people to like it,'' John said. "I just cherish this time I have with her. If it makes people feel good, that's awesome, though some Indiana fans aren't too happy with it." 

Mary, who has rooted for the Heat since the mid-2000s, was not too happy with Miami's 93-90 loss to the Pacers in Game Five on Wednesday night. On Thursday, Royffe posted video of her watching the Miami loss. 

"First of all, that game was fixed,'' she said. "I knew they were going to lose because the referees were garbage."

Mary also was none too pleased with Indiana Pacers forward Lance Stephenson blowing into LeBron James' ear during a stoppage in play. 

"I was wondering if maybe he misses his girlfriend or his wife,'' she said. "How low can a person get, really? LeBron was such a man about it. He tried not to show any emotion, but you could see his eyes were wide open. It was stupid, and Stephenson, would I love to get my hands on him." 

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