Gov. Christie on GOP midterm victories, 2016 impact: 'It's not about me'

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says that despite his intensive cross-country campaigning to support Republican gubernatorial candidates, the credit for the GOP's midterm gains shouldn't fall to him.

"The candidates deserve the credit. It's always about the candidates," Christie, who chairs the Republican Governors Association, told TODAY's Matt Lauer on Wednesday. As RGA chair, he said he raised money and awareness. "It's not about me. I was happy to help. I'm glad to have their confidence, but that’s all it is."

Republicans, riding a wave of discontent, grabbed full control of Congress for the first time in eight years on Tuesday, winning seven Senate seats along with a handful of key gubernatorial contests, including in Maryland, Illinois and other traditionally Democratic states.

Christie also discussed:

  • A potential White House run in 2016: “I’ll have to figure that out,” he said, referring to discussion over “the next few months” with his wife. “Mary Pat and I have to start to talk about it in earnest and make a decision, but today is a day to celebrate what my fellow governors have done and I’m glad to just have played a small part in it for them."

  • Whether he will have to temper his confrontational style, as demonstrated by a recent run-in with a news conference heckler: “That person had their say. I sat and listened to it, and it was time for him to sit down,” he said. “I’m not going to change, Matt. This is who I am.”