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Got a Valentine's Day date? Here's what to wear

From the ballroom to the bedroom, outfits for you and your man. TODAY fashion expert Stacy London highlights festive attire for guys and gals.
/ Source: TODAY

Whether you're planning a casual date, a formal night out or simply breakfast in bed, Stacy London, TODAY fashion expert and co-host of TLC's “What Not to Wear,” presents outfits for you and your man on Valentine's Day.

I don't exactly believe in “holiday dressing.” Leave the Christmas sweaters and Easter bonnets to your crazy aunt. Actually, don't let her wear them either, unless everyone already knows she's crazy! But for Valentine's Day, show the one you love, that regardless of the kind of date your man takes you on or no matter what your gal is up for, there's not just a lotta love in your heart, but a little bit of love in your outfit. Accents of red and pink, even hearts (as cliche as that seems) are here for more than just the holiday. Here's how to look like a million bucks for the one you love:

The casual date
OK, “casual” doesn't mean sweatpants and a sports jersey, so even if you go to the game, dress up a little this time. Men can simply not go wrong on a casual date with a layered look. A sports jacket with a sweater and jeans is indispensable to any man. And you'll see great chronograph watches with red dials all over the stores this spring — looks great and makes a great Valentine's gift! Jacket: Express, $148; sweater: Joseph Lyman, $85; shirt: H&M, $9.90; jeans: H&M, $49.90; shoes: Kenneth Cole, $165; belt: Old Navy, $19.50; watch: Relic at JC Penney, $65

Most women are terrified of yellow (and even more terrified of mixing it with another bright color), but it can look so beautiful on olive and dark skin tones! This holiday and spring, try mixing a rich yellow with red accents for a strong style. The Helen Wang dress is very 50s in inspiration (and super-duper flattering to almost all body shapes), but the color combination is a modern mix. Note the strong spring trends: patent flats, a clear bag and a shrunken cardigan. Dress: Helen Wang, $289; cardigan: Express, $79.50; shoes: Stuart Weitzman, $215; earrings: R.J. Graziano, $85; necklace: Yummi Glass, $138; bracelet: R.J. Graziano, $135; clutch: NOIR, $170

The active dateI'm not saying you have to match your date if you're both in training for a triathlon, but why don't people dress more appropriately for working out these days? Why wear torn t-shirts and bad leggings when there are so many great athletic wear options! So if you do go for a run or play some b-ball or frisbee in the park, either look like the hottie that you really are or get your significant other some great pieces, so they look like the hottie they really are!

The biggest mistake people make when purchasing athletic wear? FIT. For the most part, women buy too small a size, men buy too large a size. Get what actually fits you the same way you would buy your street clothes. Running suit for him: Addidas at Macy's, $140; shirt: Old Navy, $8.50; shoes:, $90; wristbands: Modell's, $4.99; running suit for her: Nike at Foot Locker, $96; tank tops: Anthropologie, $24; shoes: Nike, $90; sunglasses: D&G, $149; earrings: Mimi & Marge, $55; necklace: Sharelli, $65; watch: Addidas, $55; bag: Addidas, $49.95

Breakfast (or chocolate) in bed
Now this could be my favorite kind of date. Similar to an activity date, you are really just dressing for your mate, throwing them a bone, showing them the love. I feel the pajama is an overlooked category. We only think of lingerie, but loungewear can be distinctive and stylish instead of just overtly sexy. Gosh, does that sound so old-fashioned? Maybe I'm just getting old myself! I'm loving Stuart Weitzman's yummy red slippers and the cool, modern pattern on the 2Xist boxers. They are just such great gift options for the holiday as well as being useful.

What could be more luxurious than a day (or a least a morning) with the one you love and some Godiva and Max Brenner chocolates? Try giving your girl a Helen Ficalora necklace with two pendants: your initial and her initial. That's something she can always wear in bed and out. It's stylish every day of the year! Robe for him: Polo by Ralph Lauren, $49.50; shirt: Polo by Ralph Lauren, $13.99; boxers: 2Xist, $17.50; socks: Old Navy, $3; robe for her: Adonna at JC Penney, $30; pajamas: California Dynasty at JC Penney, $30; slippers: Stuart Weitzman, $135; chocolates: Godiva, $8; chocolates: Max Brenner, $11.90; necklace: Helen, $260; earrings: Sparkling Sage, $48

The formal date
Now we're not talking black tie here, but cocktail. My dad and my stepmother have been married 30 years, and they still like to dress up and go on dates! But if your man is a very traditional dresser, modernize a multi-purpose, blue suit with some fun red accents. I love the suspenders from Paul Stuart; they are made of beautiful silk, but have a fantastic showgirl pattern on them. Also, try a new take on the traditional cuff link with a pair from Paul Stuart that are enameled with little devils on them. If your guy's tall, try a modern extended toe box on a shoe to give his leg a longer look, and for more contemporary shape. The idea of infusing a little humor or exaggerated visual interest to a men's suit has to be subtle. It can modernize a stuffed shirt look, but too much of it just looks cartoonish.

And for the ladies, a dress from Kay Unger that narrows the waistline and keeps the “girls” up and high where they should be, while floating away from the hips. Make sure if you have a larger chest to get a well-fitting convertible bra to wear under a halter dress. Also, you'll see lots of navy as a color option for cocktail this season. Adding red as an accent to a softer neutral like navy or brown or gray is a modern update to pairing red accents with black. Suit: Paul Stuart, price available upon request; shirt, tie, braces, cuff links and pocket square: Paul Stuart; shoes: Hugo Boss at, $228.25; dress: Kay Unger, $360; shoes: Nina at, $92.95; champagne: Moet & Chandon Lovepack, $25; earrings: Seasonal Whispers at Supplements, $64; necklace: Seasonal Whispers at Supplements, $148; bracelets: R.J. Graziano, $95; clutch: Stuart Weitzman, $795