Google reveals the most commonly misspelled words in each state — what's yours?

There are lots of things that divide us in these polarizing times, but rest assured there are plenty that unite us, too — like our inability to spell common words correctly.

Google recently reviewed word searches for 2017 so far and released a list of the most common spelling flubs in each state.

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Most common spelling mistakes in each state revealed (especially Wisconsin)

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Most common spelling mistakes in each state revealed (especially Wisconsin)

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It turns out, certain states have similar issues with particular words.

From coast to coast — in New York and California (and Kentucky, Minnesota and Ohio, too!) — it seems the word "beautiful" is the trickiest of all.

Whereas people in Alabama, Maine, Michigan and Washington have the most trouble spelling "pneumonia."

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Speller Nathan J. Marcisz of Marion, Indiana, at the 2010 Scripps Spelling Bee. We’re willing to bet he could spell “hallelujah,” the most commonly misspelled word in his home state.

Here's hoping those people aren't doctors!

And do you live in New Jersey? Ask your neighbors if they can spell "twelve" correctly.

Ditto for people in D.C., whose denizens grapple with different number, "ninety."

For every little kid, spelling "Mississippi" is a early milestone. But Mississippians themselves apparently need a helping hand when it comes to getting "nanny" right.

With the 2017 Scripps National Spelling Bee set to launch this week, USA Today has Google's full list on display.

Check it out to learn which words you might be spelling wrong right now.


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