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Video of Ohio senior citizen doing karaoke performance at Goodwill goes viral

Deanna Mae Garvin shared her musical talents during a recent shopping trip.
/ Source: TODAY

Deanna Mae Garvin has a song in her heart, and she decided to let it out during a recent shopping trip.

Garvin went to a Goodwill store in Hamilton, Ohio, to look for a new karaoke machine. When an employee helped her get one off the shelf, they asked for Garvin to sing a song in return, and she was happy to pick up the microphone. Shopper John Schuerfranz noticed and filmed her performance, then posted it on Facebook — and the video has since gone viral.

"She told me she found the Karaoke machine and she wanted to take it back to the nursing home she visits," Schuerfranz wrote alongside the video, which he posted on Aug. 8, continuing to say that she was "so energetic."

Done up in a snazzy purple outfit covered in a white crochet vest, Garvin is about as delightful as you can imagine she'd be, singing along with a jaunty version of the classic spiritual, "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands." 

During breaks, she addresses the customers who gathered around, letting them know she wore out two other karaoke machines.

"She’s just going along singing and looking at the camera, and just having a great time and I thought 'this is wonderful.' I mean, what a spirit,” Schuerfranz told WLWT Cincinnati, who reported on the video.

"I love music and I love people," Garvin told the news channel.

Image: John Schuerfranz films Diana "Dee" Garvin singing karaoke at a Goodwill in Hamilton, Ohio.
John Schuerfranz films Deanna Mae Garvin singing karaoke at a Goodwill in Hamilton, Ohio. Courtesy John Schuerfranz / via Facebook

Since being posted, WLWT Cincinnati reports that the video was viewed over 34,000 times, which astounds Garvin. "I was a very shy, backward girl and it’s hard to believe, even for me," she said.

But there was another surprise in store for Garvin: Someone bought the karaoke machine before she could hand over her money and gifted it to her, reported KOLD News 13.

In the original video that Schuerfranz posted on Facebook, he can be heard saying in the background, "This may go viral." Then he tells Garvin, "You may be an overnight sensation."

Truer words have never been spoken!