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TODAY super fans get engaged on the plaza with an assist from Craig Melvin

We love it when a plan comes together!
/ Source: TODAY

TODAY is the first day of the rest of their lives: Two loyal viewers from Virginia got engaged live on the show Thursday morning!

The sweet scene started when Craig Melvin let Larry and his girlfriend Vicki onto the TODAY plaza from behind a barricade. The pair said TODAY is a part of their daily routine, with Vicky noting they have been watching it every day for the last seven years.

“Y’all are like family, so (I) wanted to make this the next part of our life,” Larry told Craig, before getting down on bended knee.

Larry pops the question to Vicki.TODAY

“Vicki, I want to ask you something,” he continued, to cheers from the crowd.

“I love you,” Larry said. “You told me when we first started dating three weeks makes a habit. It’s been seven years. I want you by my side as my wife forever. Vicki, will you marry me?”

Vicki said yes and her new fiancée slipped a ring on her finger before they kissed.

The couple exchanges a hug after Vicki said, "Yes!"TODAY

“It’s a wonderful life and it’s going to be even better,” Larry said after Craig congratulated them.

Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie then walked over to wish the couple well.

“Can we be your bridesmaids?” Hoda joked.

Vicki and Larry, who have each previously been married, truly love TODAY, having tuned in together since they started dating nearly seven years ago, watching each day on the boat where they live.

The couple told TODAY just how much the show means to them.TODAY

“There was only one channel on broadcast TV we could get on our little boat, and it was NBC,” Larry told TODAY in an email he sent before the proposal. “And every morning, while breakfast was cooked on a propane camper stove before we went to work, we watched the TODAY show. It became our thing. Not a single morning goes by that we don’t spend time with the TODAY show unless we are traveling, and when we miss it, we miss it.”

Vicki said that she “had no idea” the proposal was coming, but for Larry, it’s the completion of a mission.

“I had years ago decided I wanted to marry her, and that if I ever proposed, it would be under a big goofy sign on the plaza that read ‘we met on a boat’ for the TODAY show because it is has been so much a part of our life together,” Larry said.