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Give the gift of fitness

“Today” fitness expert Kathy Kaeher offers some helpful shopping hints for the people on your list who workout.
/ Source: TODAY

Looking for some gift ideas for the active people on your list this holiday season? Well, look no further. On NBC’s “Today” show, fitness expert Kathy Kaehler shares a look at some of her favorite things for holiday giving, from stocking stuffers to fitness equipment. Check out some of her suggestions.

Build your own bag. you choose the color, fabric, frame. It has a protective laptop sleeve and an organization panel to keep important items safe, secure and close to the body. It has a protective laptop sleeve, and a detachable, expandable net to carry anything and everything. It’s from and costs $160.

Heart rate monitor:
Called the Triax Elite Training System, it features a combination heart rate, speed, and distance monitor. The watch connects wirelessly to your Mac or PC. The chest strap and the speed/distance footpod send data to the watch continually during your workout. the data is transmitted much like a cordless telephone transmission. Available at for $369.

Water bottles:
Jewel-colored water bottles that not only look good but keep your water tasting good. They hold 32 ounces of water. Each bottle has a molded finger and thumb indentation which makes it easier to hold and very comfortable. It also makes it very easy to carry or grab. The lid has an attachment for holding or fastening to your backpack. The lexon material doesn’t retain odors or flavor so your water tastes like water and not plastic. Great for the car or the commute, and the colors will keep the bottles from getting mixed up with other people’s at the gym. They retail for $8 and are available at REI stores nationwide or at

Sports watches:
These are fun, sporty watches that come in a variety of colors and sizes. You have a choice of analog or digital. They’re feminine (the dials sparkle) and fashionable. You can wear them for working out or just to look sporty. They’re $59 from

Yoga shoes:
To and from yoga shoes that can be used for yoga (still extremely hot) or shopping around town. These are the epitome of coolness. The shoes are called “City Knife.” $100 from

Body dome:
This is a half ball that sits on the floor and has elastic tubing on the sides with handles. You stand on it so immediately you have to use balance which trains your core muscles. And then it works on strength conditioning of your biceps, shoulders, chest and legs. It includes instructional videos, an exercise program, a nutritional guide, and a hand air pump. Comes fully assembled and just takes a few minutes to pump it up. You can get it at for $119.

Balance ball office chair:
You can use this ergonomically designed chair in your office or at home. It’s a 55 cm Balance Ball on a frame with a back and interlocking wheels. It’s comfortable, promotes healthy alignment, relieves tension and keeps your energy moving. You can work your core while you work. It comes with an air pump and a printed guide that outlines stretches you can do on the chair. It’s priced at $69.98 from gaiam at (There’s also a kids’ version —- great for doing homework and promoting good posture while kids do what’s called “active sitting.” This one goes for $50.)

Then there are two larger ticket items which cost about the same as a health club membership, and you can use them anytime you like — no waiting in line for a machine:

This is the new, state-of-the-art home stairmaster from Nautilus. It has 16 climbing speeds, pedals that stay level ensuring correct movement, and an easy to read console. It has both side handrails and upper body handles which have heart sensors. And cushioned high density rubber pedal pads provide comfort. Suggested retail price is $1,999, available at or (800) 782-4799.

Body gym:Brand new, sleek machine from Hoist Fitness. It has a steel frame, 5-position tilting back pad, 10-position adjustable seat, 200-pound interlocking weightstack, and a 10-year warranty. You can do leg extensions, leg curls, chest presses, pull down for shoulders, triceps and chest. It’s a complete strength training machine at $1,700 from Or (800) 548-5438.

Kathy Kaehler is the fitness consultant for “Today.” Please remember that these are only recommendations for getting in shape. Always see a medical doctor for a complete physical before partaking in any type of physical fitness program.