Girls' lemonade stand raises $10K for families of fallen Dallas police officers

Two young girls handed out more than just a refreshing drink at their lemonade stand Friday — they gave their Dallas community a sense of purpose.

Tracey Roach
Lauren Roach, Landry Nelon and Emmy and Lily Roberts at their lemonade stand.

In an effort to help after last week's police ambush, in which five police officers were killed, Lauren Roach and Landry Nelon, both 11, hoped to raise $100 to donate to the Assist the Officer Foundation, which provides financial assistance to families of fallen police officers.

Within minutes, they surpassed their goal and ended up giving a total of $10,000 to the Dallas Police Department Monday.

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Courtesy of Tracey Roach
Frederick Frazier, Dallas Police Department Chairman, awarding Lauren Roach and Landry Nelon with a certificate after they handed over the $10,000 Monday.

"It felt really good to know I was making a difference and that almost all of Dallas was doing the same," Lauren told TODAY. "So many people wanted to help and even if they didn't have time to stop, a lot would hand us money through their window."

Courtesy of Kimberly Nelon
The girls flagging down cars to come to their lemonade stand.

"Most people happened to be driving by, but once word spread on social media, we saw all types of people, ranging from college students and yard workers to someone who drove 30 minutes just to drop off money," Tracey Roach, Lauren's mom, told TODAY.

Courtesy of Tracey Roach
A Dallas firefighter stopping by to donate $100.

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Tracey Roach
The girls with a local mailman who stopped by their lemonade stand.

With signs that read "Honk if you love DPD" and "All proceeds donated to DPD," they attracted more than 500 people who all had one thing in common: a desire to support their city.

Courtesy of Kimberly Nelon
Lauren Roach, Landry Nelon and Emmy and Lily Roberts holding up signs they made for their lemonade stand.

"It was an overwhelming feeling to see all these people come out, especially after all the tragedy our community has faced in recent days," Roach said.

Since Friday was such a success, the girls decided to continue the effort on Saturday. They enlisted their friends, Emmy and Lily Roberts, to help out, and even asked their moms bake cookies and brownies to sell as well.

Courtesy of Tracey Roach
Emmy and Lily Roberts hugged Dallas police officers.

"As proud as I am of the girls for thinking of others and wanting to help, I'm even prouder of the city," Roach said.