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A massive rubber duck appeared in a Maine harbor and no one can quack the case

We're quack-ing up over this hilarious story.
/ Source: TODAY

Residents of one small town in Maine recently found themselves in a quack-y quandary when they found a mysterious object in their local harbor.

Over the weekend, a giant 25-foot-tall rubber duck with the word "Joy" printed on it appeared in Belfast's harbor and left many locals quite confused.

According to NBC affiliate WCSH of Portland, Maine, the rubber duck is anchored between a pedestrian bridge and the town landing and it's been floating in the same spot since it first made its debut on Saturday.

Belfast residents aren't sure where the unexpected item came from and why it's in the harbor, but it sure is making a big splash and making everyone laugh.

We'd definitely make the trip to go see this hilarious sight.
We'd definitely make the trip to go see this hilarious sight.TODAY

“Who would expect to see a duck in the middle of the water here? Yet, it really works,” Judy Herman, who was visiting Maine from Pennsylvania, told WCSH.

Steve Small, another Pennsylvania resident, also said that he was pretty amused by the giant duck.

“It’s sort of a grateful emotion, that somebody has done something a little unusual to make something a little more interesting,” he told WCSH.

Hoda Kotb shared a video of the duck just chilling out in the harbor during her Morning Boost segment on Thursday and the TODAY team got a kick out of it.

"I mean, I love it. It says 'Joy.' What else do you want?" Hoda said.

Tom Llamas, who was filling in for Craig Melvin, couldn't help but think that the person who left the duck behind must be enjoying the hilarious outcome.

"Somebody's laughing really hard right now, whoever's behind this," he said.

Savannah Guthrie also suggested that the giant duck would be pretty popular with one demographic.

"Toddlers start running towards the lake for no reason," she joked.