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Get ready for fall with this style hot list!

“Today” style contributor Bobbie Thomas shares the latest buzz about what’s new and what’s cool: Black nails, single rings and more.
/ Source: TODAY

From the water cooler at work to the hallways of Hollywood, everyone is talking about these hot new trends. Bobbie Thomas, "Today" style contributor and author of In Touch Weekly's "The Buzz," helps you stay in-the-know:

Gold rush
It’s been a golden year for the fashion forward. Yellow gold is winning first prize, with many pushing platinum aside in favor of the warm hue. From bangles to bags, every accessory imaginable is glistening from this trend, including Motorola’s gold RAZR phone by Dolce and Gabbana. The new metallic version is even out-shining the (at one time wait-listed) "it" color of hot pink. While the gilded gadget is still available, Tinseltown trendsetters are hot on its trail. So before Hollywood allows history to repeat itself, you may want to run, not walk to win the "metal" at Bloomingdale's! $595;

Black out
If you haven’t got the memo, the "it" nail color is black. And while nail varnish may have originated in China, with some dynasties reserving black and red for royalty only, we doubt that our foremothers could have anticipated the wait-list frenzy that one little bottle of polish is causing today. But lo and behold — since Hollywood’s own royalty started sporting black nails last year, Chanel’s limited-edition Black Satin polish has become so popular that it is sold out everywhere! In fact, a recent eBay auction for one bottle of the usually $18 color went for $47.02! We haven't seen this kind of fuss for a hue since the now-legendary Vamp color of 1994. But for those who don’t want to splurge on a trend that can change with the swipe of a cotton ball, Tropez's Black Satin and Black Radiance's Black Licorice are two Goth alternatives for under two bucks each (both available at

Single and proud
No matrimonial promises or vows are necessary for this ring! Created for single people as a sign of their status, Singelringens are being worn by Europeans proudly flaunting their state of unattachment ($49; And the trend is finally moving stateside! But for those on the lookout for a mate — and the ring that can come with that commitment — the Singelringen Web site lets you anonymously email someone to find out their relationship status, which is perfect for those crushes that lack a social networking profile.

Hot mama
No longer are women considered persona non grata after childbirth — the trend of the millennium has truly been about “hot mamas,” and now the sexiest brands in fashion are embracing this group of goddesses. Victoria's Secret has enlisted the poster child of the movement, Heidi Klum, as the face of a new collection (aptly called “The Body,” after Klum’s famous nickname).  Meanwhile, trendsetting lingerie house Agent Provocateur has teamed up with famed Dr. Gowri Motha to create “Cupid,” a maternity and postnatal line of lingerie with pretty nursing bras and control briefs ($81-$117; 212-965-0229). Melania Trump and Gwyneth Paltrow found feminine foundations during their pregnancies in Elle Macpherson’s award-winning maternity bras ($55-$62;  With so many pretty choices, women will never again be stuck in muumuus or granny's old girdles!

And on one last modern mom note, it seems as if 'hip' mothers today now 'sling-it.' Papooses are popping up everywhere, while last year's pricey strollers are collecting dust. Be hands-free but still cradle your little one with the help of a fabric stork-like sack that hangs over one shoulder ($45-$100;

Haute chocolate
Summer is ending, and we’re beginning to set down the glasses of rosé, but be prepared to fall for an even sweeter drink as the weather turns brisk: chocolate! We’re witnessing a movement toward couture chocolate boutiques, where the confection is being offered up as an experience (à la wine bars), rather than a quick fix. At Max Brenner Chocolate by the Bald Man, you can sip Suckao (shots of pure chocolate), or cradle a Hug Mug during the “chocolate drinking ceremony” ($8.90-$14.80; Indulgent? Maybe. But it sounds like pure bliss all the same.

And for those chocohaulics who just need a fix, two new alternatives to the traditional candy bar are causing quite a sugar buzz. Lava bar’s liquid chocolate offers a smooth substitute for crunchy candy bars with their “squeeze me” pouches ($1.95;, while last but not least, Bubble Chocolate is helping addicts curb the calories and avoid a meltdown ($1.75; The candy is packed with air bubbles — promising all of the flavor, with none of the filling.