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Get organized and be on time for the new year

"Today" tech editor Corey Greenberg with the lastest high-tech clocks and PDA's for 2004.
/ Source: TODAY

Why is New Year's a good time to think about getting a new clock? The new year is when we all resolve to do better and make more of our time, so a spanking new clock or PDA really helps put us in the mode of starting fresh with a clean slate. It's also a good excuse to replace those ugly clocks you've had since you were in college.

Hammacher analog projection clock

The bright image cast by this projecting clock is as clean and precise as a digital projection clock, but it has an analog face and is the only model with a sweeping second hand. Always easy to see, especially at night, the time is projected sharply and clearly in white light on any wall or ceiling without the need for an unsightly cord running up the wall from outlet to clock. "Through image" technology eliminates the fuzzy double images or jerky movements produced by some projection clocks for high-definition rendering of the image. The large image (at 8' from the wall the projected image is approximately 3' in diameter) can be adjusted for varying brightness at the touch of a dial. Precision quartz clock movement ensures accurate timekeeping. Runs on one AA battery (included). 6 1/3" H x 6" W x 7 1/2" D. (1 1/3 lbs.), $99.95

What about a new clock as high-tech decoration?

Geochron world clock

Used by NASA to aid in satellite tracking and by the Pentagon to synchronize troop deployment, this full-color moving map shows at a glance what time it is throughout the world. The 15 x 26-inch map revolves within its frame at precisely the same speed as the earth's rotation and continuously displays what areas of the earth lie in daylight or darkness. The analog dial system automatically charts the time in the world's 40 time zones on a 24-hour scale. Backlit by two 15-watt fluorescent tubes, a set of cam-driven, light-diffusing, flexible Mylar panels produce an illuminated gray pattern that slowly adjusts with the seasons (and daylight savings time). The map shows the exact global location of daylight and darkness, the duration of daylight ht/darkness and the moment of sunrise and sunset. A moving calendar displays the date both right and left of the international date line and also day of the week and month. Black laminate exterior finish cleans with soft cloth. Glass panel over map. Aluminum housing. Geochron's time zone map can be updated. Surface brackets included. Plugs into household outlet. UL listed. Instructions included. Overall: 34 1/4" W x 22 3/8" x 5" D. (28 lbs.), $1,525.00

Neon clocks are cool but where do you find them?

JustNeon custom neon wall clock

Ever wanted a custom, personalized neon clock sign for your living and/or rumpus room but thought only Chinese take-out restaurants and New Jersey diners are allowed to display such dazzling finery? Well, Utica, NY's own JustNeon will make you whatever you want when it comes to neon., $375 and up depending on size and options.

What about a new digital organizer?

Palm Zire 21 PDA

Organize your life for only $99. Always have your important addresses and phone numbers at your fingertips-family, friends, co-workers, doctors, teachers, coaches - everyone you need. 8MB of memory means you'll have room to store years of appointments and thousands of contacts with plenty of room to add software like an exercise log, shopping list manager, or eBook. And it's small and light, so you can take your information with you wherever you go.

Palm Tungsten E PDA

Sharp, high-resolution color screen, 32MB memory, and a fast ARM processor - all at an affordable price., $199

HP iPAC Pocket PC h1945

Thin, light PC that can fit in your pocket -- also has Integrated Bluetooth wireless capability., $299

And what suggestions are there for those of us who are not embracing the electronic organizers and want to use the old fashion pen and paper? PDAs are being used for electronic communication.  But to simply write down a note or an appointment -- that's what the paper organizers are being used for.  For the simple art of looking up your friends address, taking notes or writing down an appointment -  you can't really beat paper.  Both the PDAs and the paper organizers are great - but each have their own individual use.  

Filofax organizers

Filofax has several different organizer sizes that include address books, calendars, TO DO lists, expense pages, shopping pages, note paper and world maps.  You can also purchase accessories like calculators, street maps, post its, etc., $15 and up.

Tumi Delux Pocket Agenda

Crafted from Tumi's signature full-grain Napa leather. Features: turned edge construction; leather interior; pen loop; six card slots; note sleeve; address book and calendar.  only comes in black., $55.

Roulette Wheel Watch

High quality quartz movement, colorful and unique.  A true-to-color and number order roulette wheel on a moveable bezel.  The real steel ball whirls around the track. Genuine leather band on a scuba style watch., $39.95.