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Get the knitty-gritty of this upcoming fall trend

From capes to dresses, Stacy London of TLC's “What Not To Wear” shares the lowdown on the latest knitwear fashions.
/ Source: TODAY

The runways are full of layering with leggings and knitwear this fall. “Today” fashion expert and co-host of TLC's “What Not To Wear” Stacy London explains how to translate this trend into ideas for our own wardrobe.

Layering can be a big coat over a voluminous skirt with a legging peeking out underneath. It can be a big chunky sweater over a narrow pant. It can be two coats over each other or simple knitted dresses worn with big belts. The designers really took layering to every possible extreme. And there are lots of different ways to do it without looking like the Michelin Man.

Overall tips1. Choose one focal knit piece in a new shape and pair it with other clothing items. Don't feel you always have to layer knitwear. Just trying the newer shapes and incorporating them with existing items in your wardrobe is enough to give your outfit new life and a trendier feel.

2. Vary the weight and texture when doing more than one knit piece so that the look doesn't add bulk to your frame. The best way to layer knits is to vary the weight of the pieces. Don't layer super heavy on top of super heavy. Add a whisper thin knit under a knit dress or sweater to create the look of the trend without adding the look of pounds to your frame!

3. Don't lose your shape in drape! If you feel like knitwear is too clingy, remember that the new knits aren't all tight. Some sweaters are actually drapey! In fact some are so loosey-goosey, you might want to belt them to create a slimmer silhouette. Define a waistline, so your body shape doesn't look like it's lost in a blanket.

4. Remember that knit accessories are also big this season — hats, scarves, hosiery, even bags! Use them.  Have fun mixing in knit accessories with all your clothing to look trendy this season. There are many great pieces that aren't exaggerated and that will help keep you warm this winter.

ShrugThe shrug is a great example of a new shape that flatters the body and yet remains functional. If you are petite, you don't want a shrug that is too big or thick and would overwhelm your frame. It can function as a light jacket, yet the shape is modern, sophisticated and age-appropriate. Shrug: Trina Turk, $180; top: Laundry, $95; shorts: Banana Republic, $88; tights: Hue, $11

Layered lookPair a thin-knit, long-sleeved tee under a great dress. Note that the dress shouldn't be super clingy, like some of the 80's-inspired dresses and skirts this season, so if you want to camouflage a hip or thigh, this is a great silhouette. Also, add crochet hose; that way, the weight and texture varies with each piece, adding visual interest to the outfit. Dress: Anthropologie, $168; T-shirt: Saint Grace, $48; tights: Fogal, $37

Cardigan Try a long cardigan or sweater coat with a narrow trouser this fall. I love this look because it's comfortable and sophisticated all at the same time. I love the idea of mixing looser pieces like a sweater coat with tailored pieces like a fitted shirt and narrow trouser. And of course, you can wear a piece like this with jeans and high boots, but with more tailored pieces it's a look that is completely work- and age-appropriate. Cardigan: Lauren, $199; shirt: Style & Co., $19.98; pants: Banana Republic, $98

Thin knits
I love thinner knits for evening, like a deep V-neck top. It is a great piece because it will go from day to evening so seamlessly. Pair a beautiful white cotton shirt with a tie neck under it for day and then switch to a beaded shell underneath for a great cocktail look. And I love a knit bag for day and evening! Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft, $16.99; shell: J. Kara; pants: Nine West, $84

Capes are very big in general this fall, but I love the sophistication of knit ones. Layer in a way that doesn't create too much bulk on your frame by doing a thinner turtleneck underneath a cape cardigan. I love this look with jeans. It's got a strong urban appeal, but paired with big fuzzy boots, it's great for the ski lodge as well! Cape cardigan: Amo & Bretti, $379,; turtleneck: Lauren, $99.50; jeans: DKNY, $48