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Get inspired! Check out these 5 sweet stories from LittleThings TODAY

During a stressful week, inspiring stories are just what you need to put a smile on your face.
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During a stressful week, inspiring, heartfelt stories are just what you need to put a smile on your face! wants to help make your day brighter by sharing five stories that will inspire you and encourage you to do more.

1. Firefighter groom leaps up from his seat: The reason why is going viral!

In the midst of a speech at his wedding, Cody Campbell, a Los Angeles firefighter, jumped from his seat to help a distressed guest who was choking. The quick-thinking groom spared the guest’s life with the Heimlich maneuver and then the festivities continued.

2. Watch what happens when a mom takes off a doll's face with makeup remover

Moms around the world often struggle with this predicament. They want their daughters to have awesome toys, but they certainly don’t want them to have self-esteem issues. The solution is difficult, but one mom is figuring out how to navigate the world of hyper-sexualized dolls and imagery.

3. See why this dad's song for his newborn baby girl went viral

When Matt and Abigail brought home their newborn baby girl, Ivy, Matt’s friends asked if he’d write a song for his 11-day-old daughter. He obliged, but never dreamed it would go viral.

4. A sick woman’s concern for her puppy will melt your heart

This story comes out of the heartland of America, from an emergency room that could be any small-town emergency room. The ER is a place that people usually only visit when something is very wrong. Doctors who work in the ER are conditioned to remain calm, but this incident shook one young doctor to the core.

5. Miss Colorado talks about nursing instead of singing for the crown

During Sunday's Miss America pageant, Kelley Johnson, also known as Miss Colorado decided to forgo the traditional talent routine. Instead, she delivered a unique monologue about her experience as a nurse, and an encounter with an elderly Alzheimer’s patient.