Get this great gear for your trip to the beach

Beach Honeymoon Itinerary DAY 1 The ultimate sun tarpKelty, Noah's TarpSun protection is key in tropical climates, but applying sunscreen every two hours can get tiresome. That said, lugging a sun umbrella on your honeymoon is no fun. Enter the coolest, lightest solution on the market — the Noah's Tarp, from the respected tent maker Kelty. The basic, four-point tarp extends in a variety of angles to suit the terrain and weighs less than two pounds. Sleek, smart shelter in a useful 9'x9' square., $120

DAY 2 Protecting the digital camera from the elements: The Aquapac Digital cameras are great because all you have to do is point, shoot and e-mail proof that you've made it all the way from the hotel to the beach. In fact, Nikky and Buddy and their guests received digital cameras as part of the welcome bags our viewers selected. However, cameras and sand (and water) do not mix. The AquaPac series of pouches, however, are 100 percent waterproof and are "use-through" cases for your personal electronics, meaning you don't have to remove the camera or cell phone to use it., $29 to $45

DAY 3 You're still pooped. Try the ultimate snorkeling companion:The Cayman Tyger Ray by Unified Marine The Tyger Ray is an underwater propulsion vehicle that opens up a whole new world for snorkelers. Hold the handles, turn it on, and you are flying under water. Incredibly cool, it lets you swim like a dolphin and offers snorkelers a huge area for discovery. Perfect in oceans, lakes, pools. Provides approximately 60 minutes of run time. Depth rated to 60 feet, which is the recreational dive limit., $499

While getting "pulled around" in the water, you'll want to protect your eyes. Try the ultimate in water eyewear: Mares Cyborg Blu Goggles Scuba masks are great for protecting your eyes from harsh salt water, but most are heavy, bulky and, worse, dorky. Enter the sleek, low-profile solution for virtually all water sports short of scuba diving, including swimming, windsurfing, kayaking, canoeing, jet skiing, snorkeling, and surfing: the Mares Cyborg Blu Goggle. The patented, curved lens offers a 180-degree field of vision, but best of all, the anatomical shape and the hypoallergenic silicone skirt adapt to any facial shape and offer increased glide underwater. Even offers 100 percent UV Protection., $32

DAY 4  Our couple is ready to swim under their own power. Breathe, honey, breathe! Try the best snorkel out there for vacationers:
The Cabo Dry Attaching the Cabo Dry to your Mares Cyborg Blu goggles makes for a truly light, completely ingenious combination. Why? Unlike many snorkels, the Cabo Dry makes it virtually impossible to inhale water, even in rough seas. The patented anti-splash system keeps the tube dry at all times. It features a flexible silicone connection and high-volume air flow for great comfort and confidence. It's great for anybody who has struggled to attach a snorkel to a strap. The adjustable locking snorkel-keeper features a quick lock — not unlike the quick release on a bike wheel — to the mask strap. Water valve located at the bottom for easier clearing., MSRP: $29

DAY 5 Want to have a catch on the beach? Here's a good ball for it:Fun Gripper Football by Saturnian The Saturnian Fun Gripper is made of a polyurethane-coated material that actually gets grippier when it gets wet. Plus, since the football is slightly undersized (easy to grab) and has a pneumatic bladder inside, it never gets soggy or slippery or heavy, unlike some foam products. The patent-pending durable nylon technology (a foam mesh bonded to nylon webbing) works great., $14.99

DAY 6 Like to look for buried treasure? Here's a great metal detector to help you:Minelab Quattro Metal Detector Just introduced three weeks ago, the Minelab Quattro metal detector is the most sensitive, easy-to-use detector on the market. The difference: While virtually all metal detectors send one frequency into the ground to sense the presence of metal, Minelab's new, patented Auattro sends a virtually infinite number, from 1.5 KHz to 100 KHz. The result: A much more sensitive machine that can detect metals that are at odd angles under the ground or that are strewn over a broader area., $995

DAY 7 And on the seventh day, you're re-energized, and you show off! Zap Skimboards These are a great alternative to surfing. Skimboarding is where you run and jump on a board along the shore line and "skim" parallel to the water. It's also great to use in shallow water such as tidal pools. $100 to $200