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Get form-fitted! The right bra for every age

Do you not get enough support from your bras? Then dump 'em! Lingerie expert Cindy Johnson shares helpful tips to finding the best size, fit and styles.
/ Source: TODAY

We’ve all heard the statistic that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, but it turns out getting just one professional fitting is not enough to know our size forever.

Cindy Johnson, national lingerie expert and owner of SOL store of lingerie, explains how a bra fitting every year is crucial and she shares helpful bra tips for women of all ages from what to wear under white to the latest technology for making tricky dresses look great:

20’sWomen in their 20’s are the ones who often push the fashion edge with showing a little more.  We’ve all seen bra straps hanging out under tank tops and if you are going to show your bra, there are a few rules.   An ill-fitting bra draws the wrong kind of attention.  You want one that lies smooth and fits well so it makes whatever shirt you are wearing look better.  And if you are going to show the bra strap, it needs to be cute!

Bra:  Avero by Marie Jo, $98, www.SOLlingerie

30’sAs we get into our 30’s, natural body changes due to pregnancy, getting older and weight gain and loss can not only change our breast size but the shape of our breasts, which also affects how a bra fits.  Getting a bra fitting every year is crucial and will ensure you are always wearing the right size.  For some women, contour style bras can offer a better shape, more lift and a modesty liner.  And you don’t have to stick with boring colors.  Fun prints and laces can be worn under the majority of clothes especially as we get into fall and winter, and they are super cute!

Bra: Shiro by L’aventure, $99,

40’sThe newfound confidence in their bodies of women in their 40’s can find them choosing a fabulous dress or top, but not knowing what to wear under it.  The first rule is no one should go without a bra.  Whether you are small or large busted, everyone can benefit from the magic of new technologies that can help make the trickiest outfit work.  Not only will they make you look fabulous in the dress, but having your boobs in the right spot will make you look thinner too!  And the best part is none of these gadgets cost a fortune!

Breast Lift:  Bring It Up Tapes, $26Double sided tape: Flash Tape, $7Nipple concealers: DIMRS, $32;

As our body ages we want to do everything we can to enhance how we look, and having the right foundations on under an outfit is the critical first step to looking great.  The color and style of a bra and panty can make, or break, an outfit.  If you are wearing white, choose a color that closely matches your skin tone so that it becomes invisible under your outfit.  Lots of bras now how the option of being converted from either a halter to a strapless, so choose one that will give you the most support and shape for the top you are wearing. 

And remember: panty lines are not attractive at any age. You are never too old to wear a thong.  Or if you must wear a bikini, choose one with a laser cut edge. 

Bra:  Lejaby Nuage, $72, www.lejaby.comThong: Hanky Panky 4811, $18,

Bra Care Tips
To ensure your bras last longer, you want to wash your bra every time you wear it.  Having 7 will ensure you have a clean one for every day of the week.  And never, ever put your bras in the dryer!