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Sad Christie, balloons and 'Please clap': Funny and awkward moments from Campaign 2016

Electing a president is undoubtedly serious business. But that doesn't mean there weren't plenty of goofy and awkward moments along the campaign trial.
/ Source: TODAY

Electing a president is undoubtedly serious business. But that doesn't mean there weren't plenty of goofy and awkward moments along the campaign trial.

The 2016 election will likely be remembered as the most surreal in recent memory. It's also the first to fully occur in the mobile age, meaning that nearly every moment, both public and behind the scenes, seemed immediately available for discussion, dissection and meme-making on social media.

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Here were a few of our favorite silly, funny or awkward moments from the 2016 campaign:

Jeb Bush: "Please clap"

The former Florida governor was finishing up heated speech about his intention to be a commander-in-chief with guts and integrity (“I won’t be out there blowhardin’,” he said) when he was met by the New Hampshire crowd with … complete silence. “Please clap,” Bush asked politely, rubbing his palms together. As The New York Times noted, the crowd laughed — and then it clapped.

Trump vs. the bald eagle

For the first time in the campaign, Donald Trump found himself behind in the pecking order when he encountered a bald eagle that was anything but "low-energy." During a Time magazine shoot in August 2015, the eagle, Uncle Sam, ruffled Trump's hair after the candidate got a little too close. Video footage from the photo shoot had people laughing "bigly."

"Sticker kid" mugs for the camera

In February, Hillary Clinton was addressing supporters after winning the Iowa caucus, but it seemed everybody was distracted by a kid in the crowd behind her.

Drake University freshman Peter Clinkscales did the dab, gulped air like a fish and danced, all with two giant stickers stuck to his face. The internet loved it, possibly until realizing the 18-year-old is part of the newest generation of American voters.

Trump "nacho bros" steal spotlight in Florida

In March, Trump was in the middle of a speech at University of Central Florida when a young guy behind him fixed TV cameras with a deadpan stare and hand-fed his friend a nacho, "airplane style."

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Chip-eater Marius Loot later told the Daily Dot the move was a goof after the two grew bored during Trump's speech. "I told him, 'Hey, I'm hungry. Give me a nacho,' and he said, 'I got you.'"

Ben Carson misses his cue at GOP debate

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson's GOP debate season didn't get off to a strong start. Called to take his spot behind a lectern at the Republican debate on Feb. 6, Carson stood awkwardly behind the curtain and didn't come out. That's usually when a person pretends to check their phone to pretend they're not lost, but Carson just stood there like a man at the deli who didn't hear his name called to pick up his order.

Sad Chris Christie

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie looked as though he was "screaming on the inside" during a Super Tuesday victory speech by Donald Trump in March. (Christie had endorsed Trump after suspending his own campaign in early February.)

Christie's grim, scowling expression was a trending moment across Twitter and Facebook, leading some to speculate he'd mentally teleported to a Bruce Springsteen concert to escape the press conference.

Bernie Sanders becomes "Birdie Sanders"

Put a bird on it! Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders had the avian community behind him during a March rally in (where else) Portland. Showing that people at a political rally will go nuts for anything, the crowd roared as Sanders smiled at the bird perched on his podium. Later, the hashtage #BirdieSanders was trending on Twitter.

Jeb Bush likes to chest bump

Last November in Iowa, a Ted Cruz campaign official approached Bush and told him he'd switched to Team Jeb. Bush thanked him and then offered a chest-to-chest salute. "I do that for every convert," he joked.

Three months later, in the days before his campaign-ending loss in the South Carolina primary, a Bush ad showed Jeb sharing a hearty chest bump with his brother (and fellow chest bump enthusiast) former President George W. Bush.

The Clintons are wowed by balloons at the DNC

At the Democratic National Convention in July, Hillary and Bill Clinton looked like exhilarated kids at Chuck E. Cheese when wondrous floating orbs they'd apparently never seen before began dropping from the rafters.

Meanwhile, if Hillary wins the election, Bill undoubtedly will be delighted because it will mean a return to the White House, sure, but also ... more balloons!

"What is Aleppo?"

Aleppo, Aleppo ... didn't he win the Kentucky Derby this year? Asked about the besieged Syrian city on MSNBC on Sept. 8, the Libertarian candidate asked, "What is Aleppo?" In a statement later, a frustrated Johnson admitted he "blanked" but insisted he understood the city's significance.

Bernie Sanders does his impression of a monster

When it comes to Bernie Sanders, the only thing scarier than America's income inequality was the "monster" impression he used to spook his grandkids. In an interview with Bloomberg in August, Sanders reluctantly broke out the impression for host John Heilemann. "Did I scare you?" he asked. "Now we're going to talk about the serious issues facing our country."

Hillary interrupts debate returning from the bathroom

When you gotta go... At a Democratic debate in January, Clinton visited the ladies room during a commercial break but didn't return to the podium in time. The broadcast started without her, leading to an awkward moment when she walked on stage to applause as Sanders was taking question about household incomes. "Sorry," she said.