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Fun with pet-friendly gadgets

Looking for some fun gadgets that will keep you and your pet busy? Here is a list of some cool gadgets for your dogs and cats that will make your life easier.
/ Source: Weekend Today

Looking for some fun gadgets that will keep you and your pet busy? Here is a list of some cool gadgets for your dogs and cats that will make your life easier.

Pet hair magnet
Just a few strokes with this rubber blade lifts pet hair off anything! No one will ever guess that Rover or Tabby lives here! Specially designed rubber blade works dry: pull it along to catch and pull dog and pet hair from carpeting, upholstery, blankets, clothing and car seat. It even picks up embedded hair a vac can't get! Just rinse and use again and again. 7"-wide blade; plastic handle.Price: $12.99

Ionic bath pet brush
Why let unpleasant odors get in the way of canine companionship? With our Ionic Bath™ Pet Brush, your pet can maintain that just-back-from-the-groomer freshness with an occasional five-minute brushing. Imagine how much more pleasant-smelling your carpets and upholstery will be when the family's favorite member can benefit from a daily "bath" like everyone else! Price: $ 39.95

Talking bone plays your voice for your dog's amusement
Your dog loves to hear the sound of his master's voice. So give him a toy that will tell him what he loves to hear, even if you're not at home! The Talking Bone is a soft chew toy that contains a voice module. You can record your own changeable message. When your dog nudges or picks up the Talking Bone, the voice module is activated. Best of all, the Talking Bone carries a lifetime warranty!Price: $14.99

Pet umbrella leash
The Pet Umbrella keeps your pet dry and comfortable in rain, sleet or snow. Features include a clear oblong arc trimmed with classic plaid waterproof fabric and ergonomic, angled handle with padded comfort grip. An umbrella leash with hook attaches easily and quickly to your pet's collar or harness. Clear umbrella body allows full view of pet.Price: $15.29

Tennis ball machine
GoDogGo™ is the first, and still the only, Automatic Fetch Machine for dogs. The GoDogGo tennis ball launcher was designed to provide hours of healthy exercise and enjoyment for your dog. Most dogs love to play fetch. LOVE it! Long after they've tired their human companions out, most dogs are still ready to play--play more fetch! GoDogGo was designed to let you choose how much or how little interaction you have with your dog while he's playing with his new favorite dog toy. From the remote control, you can set GoDogGo to any one of three modes.Price: $149.95

All Doggles® have polycarbonate (shatterproof), anti-fog lenses which block 100% of UV light and keep out wind and debris. The wrap around frames completely enclose the eyes with no gaps for stray light or foreign objects. Two adjustable elastic straps keep Doggles® on securely during any activity. Price: $10-25

Another option of Doggles - Is your dog losing its eyesight? Had cataract surgery? This may be the perfect solution for you. You need to visit your local Vet Ophthalmologist for a custom prescription OR if your dog has had cataract surgery and NO lenses implanted, you can order the standard correction of +14.00/each eye. Custom orders take about 2 weeks to process.

Motorized thing in a bag
Thing in a Bag exterior may look like an ordinary brown lunch bag, but this cat toy is actually made from tear and claw-resistant material, making it extremely durable for even the most playful cat! Inside the bag are crinkly-sounding materials and a randomly activated motor that makes the “thing” come alive. The On and Off motion will have your cat wondering what’s rustling inside for hours!

The groove thing
Simulating the texture of meat on a bone, The Groove Thing TM is the ultimate chewing experience. The Groove Thing TM uses new patented technology to bond all natural rubber to a tough solid core. Dogs go crazy for dual texture. Spreadable treats can be smeared in the grooves. The inner core can be stuffed like a sterilized bone. Dishwasher safe.  Available in small/medium and medium/large.

Global pet finder Your pet's location in readable or map form is sent to you directly to the wireless device of your choice (phone, PDA, internet). It also monitors the environmental temperature of where your pet is. You can also dial FOUND on your cell phone or PDA to track your pet's location.Price: $349.99 plus $17.99 month