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A 'Frozen' Winter Olympics? Some say Beijing 2022 song sounds like 'Let It Go'

From the piano opening to the rising vocals, some believe the song sounds an awful lot like it came straight from "Frozen's" snow queen.

There's been a lot of buzz about whether or not Beijing was the best pick for the 2022 Winter Olympics, given the region's lack of snow. But now it's time to let it go!

After all, the International Olympic Committee made the call last Friday. Maybe they were encouraged by one of the songs Beijing offered up during the application process. It has certainly left some feel frosty.


From the quiet piano opening to the surge of strings with rising vocals, many believe the song sounds an awful lot like it came straight from "Frozen's" snow queen Elsa.

On YouTube, commenters have complained that "parts are lifted straight from 'Let It Go'" and have called it "a blatant rip off."

The similarities between Beijing's "Snow and Ice Dance" and "Let It Go" have even inspired a musical mashup that highlights just how much the songs have in common.

There's just no denying the sound-alike situation, as far as TODAY's Matt Lauer is concerned. When Carson Daly played a snippet of both songs in the Orange Room on Tuesday, Lauer responded, "That doesn't sound like it; that's the same song!"

Check out the clips to see what you think!

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