Friends compete to find their 'twin stranger' on social media

/ Source: TODAY

With more than 7 billion people on the planet, there has to be a doppelganger out there for everyone, right? That’s what three friends in Ireland are hoping, and they’ve set a bet to see who can find the best “twin stranger” on social media.

Their story went viral after one of them, Niamh Geaney, found a close match and posted a video online. The clip, published on Tuesday, shows Geaney, 26, meeting a woman named Karen Branigan, who is shockingly similar in appearance and also happens to be Irish. She lives about 30 miles from Dublin in Drogheda, Ireland.

“It’s really, really weird,” Geaney says in the video. “She probably looks closer than some of my sisters to me.”

Commenters called the random resemblance “freaky” and “amazing.”

Geaney’s friends Harry English and Terence Manzanga are also in on the bet and hunting for their own look-alikes. English told NBC News that Geaney set a “high benchmark” with her match, but he hopes the video encourages more people to check out their project and get involved.

“I’ve had quite a bit of leads, but nothing as close as Niamh and Karen,” he said. “Terence has had even worse luck than I’ve had. He’s struggling.”

The friends set a deadline of April 24 to find their look-alikes and see who made the best match.

“It’s a win of pride,” English said.

They’ve been blogging about their progress on their website and invited people to send a message if they know of any potential look-alikes.