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Former Trump adviser Roger Stone: I had no contact with Russian officials

The former Trump adviser said he "categorically, positively (did) not" have any contact with Russia.
/ Source: TODAY

Former Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone rejected claims he had any involvement with Russian intelligence officials during or after the 2016 presidential campaign and said he welcomed a “fair, unbiased investigation” to clear his name.

“Categorically, positively not,” he said when asked Thursday on TODAY whether he had any regular dealings with Russians officials.

The New York Times named Stone as one of several Trump advisers under investigation for possible interaction with the Russians during the election campaign.

Stone told TODAY he has never been contacted by the FBI or any other law enforcement agency about a possible probe, including the investigation into Russia's electronic hacking into the Democratic National Committee as a way to disrupt the presidential election.

“They’d be pretty bored if they wanted to look at my e-mails or transmissions because they won’t find anything of this nature. I have no Russian clients. I’ve never been in touch with anyone in Russia," said Stone, who said he welcomed an inquiry into the matter.

“I would like any fair, unbiased investigation so that we can clear the air on this once and for all,” he said.

The report is just one of the latest controversies that have surfaced in connection with the resignation of Michael Flynn as national security adviser because of his conversations with Russian leaders back in December, before Trump took office.

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Stone said the leaks that have been coming out of the White House have not helped calm the situation. He blamed the stories on a power struggle between Trump loyalists and those with allegiances to the Republican party.

"I generally think that in the newest administration, you should hire as many experienced, capable people who are supporters of yours and who are loyal to Donald Trump from the beginning," he said.

“There are room in the departments for people who are just Republicans, but the leaking that is coming out of the White House is a manifestation of the fact that there are people who have been hired who, very sadly, are not loyal to the president.”

He did not specifically name White House Chief of staff Reince Priebus, the former RNC chair, but Stone has been an outspoken critic of his and suggested that there may be more West Wing departures to come.

“I think you might have some shakeout of the staff, but there are some exceptional people there as well," he said.