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Former Jackson adviser files $64 million suit

Dieter Wiesner alleges breach of contract and fraud.
/ Source: Reuters

A former adviser to Michael Jackson has filed a $64 million lawsuit against the pop star, alleging breach of contract and fraud.

Dieter Wiesner filed a civil suit against Jackson Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court claiming he paid Jackson, who was acquitted in June of sexual molestation charges, millions of dollars for rights to merchandise his name and likeness that were not Jackson’s to sell.

The complaint alleges Jackson had sold the rights to another buyer prior to Wiesner, who wound up suing Wiesner. That suit was settled with Wiesner lending Jackson even more money, costing Wiesner a total of $9 million to secure the rights and pay the settlement.

The complaint alleges the rights yielded Wiesner little income because Jackson refused to cooperate and actually interfered with merchandising efforts.

Wiesner also claims Jackson fired several advisers and implored Wiesner to step in around 2002 to serve as a personal manager. Wiesner said he was then rudely and abruptly fired when Jackson’s criminal problems surfaced in 2003 with allegations the pop stars had an improper relationship with a young cancer survivor.

Jackson was cleared of child molestation charges in June after a four-month trial and has been spending much of his time in Bahrain.

“True to form, Jackson never paid Wiesner for the countless hours he spent rescuing Jackson from the brink of financial disaster,” the complaint said.

A lawyer for Jackson was not immediately available for comment.