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Former classmates marry after 3rd grade class photo was posted on Facebook

"She lived up to everything I thought she'd be from what I remember about her as a young girl."
/ Source: TODAY

Ed Hemmes spent the majority of third grade staring at Christy Young from across Miss McAlister's classroom and, 27 years later, he looked into her eyes and said "I do."

The former classmates at Ironia Elementary School in Randolph, New Jersey, hadn't seen each other since Christy moved to a neighboring town in fourth grade. While Ed had a huge crush on sweet dimpled Christy, she barely even knew he existed.

"I remember riding the bus with him, but we never really spoke and I hadn't thought about him since," Christy told

A mutual Facebook friend and former classmate named Eileen brought them together again when she uploaded their third grade class photo to the social media site in August 2009.

Courtesy of Ed Hemmes

Ed, who admits to not knowing much about social media, commented on the photo saying, "Christy Young (loved her)." When he found out that everyone saw what he said, he followed up by apologizing for "proclaiming his love for Christy Young."

Luckily, she was a good sport about it and responded saying, "No problem Ed... flattering to have an admirer."

That admirer quickly turned into a boyfriend, and eventually a husband. They exchanged Facebook messages for a while and planned to meet.

"It was like catching up with an old friend," Christy said. "We just clicked right away and I found myself looking forward to hearing from him every day after that."

They eventually got married in December 2013 and currently live in Andover, New Jersey, with their 1-year-old daughter named Emily Grace.

Courtesy of Ed Hemmes

"We immediately hit it off and found out we had similar interests," Ed told "She lived up to everything I thought she'd be from what I remember about her as a young girl."

Courtesy of Ed Hemmes

Ed has kept in touch with Miss McAlister a bit on Facebook over the years, so when she found out, she thought it was really cool and told them that they were her favorite class ever. She was also excited to hear that he proposed at Ironia Elementary School.

"It can't hurt to chat with someone and see what happens," Christy said. "You just never know."