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3 Florida teens were killed over the course of 3 days. Sheriff says they’re connected

The body of three teens were all discovered in separate locations in the Marion County area, and their deaths are believed to be "wannabe gang" related.

The triple homicide of three teenagers in Florida is not related to a serial killer, according to local authorities.

On April 4, Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods addressed the three killings which occurred on consecutive days last week in a news conference. Speaking about the murders, Woods described them as being part of an “isolated incident” that authorities are investigating.

The string of deaths began on March 30 when 16-year-old Layla Silvernail became the first victim. In a video posted to the Marion County's Sheriff's Office Facebook page Monday, Woods said the teenager was discovered in the Forest Lakes Park area after being shot. Woods said in a Tuesday press conference that she had died in the hospital.

Woods said in the Facebook video that the following morning, deputies reported they discovered the body of an unnamed 17-year-old male who had been fatally shot. The male was found dead on the side of the road only a few miles away from where Silvernail was located the day prior.

On April 1, deputies responded to another call. This time to an area that's about a 20-minute drive from the other locations where victims were found, where a 16-year-old female was located inside a vehicle. The vehicle was partially submerged by a body of water and the female had been shot. She was pronounced dead at the scene, Woods said in the Facebook video. The second and third victims’ identities have not been revealed to the public.

“There has been an abundance of evidence collected that is being processed,” Woods said during the news conference. “This is part of the integrity of the case, from digital to forensic evidence. Sometimes it’s easy to get these particular areas. Sometimes, it takes time. We’re having to piece these together.”

According to Woods, all three victims of the shooting deaths were friends and were together leading up to their deaths. The county sheriff also shared that the murders were potentially related to what he called a hybrid gang, which he said is a “wannabe gang.

Woods also underlined that he would not reveal too much information regarding the case in order to avoid compromising it as 15 detectives currently work on the investigation. He also emphasized that despite rumors of a fourth victim circulating on social media, there is none.

“We are not looking for anyone else at this time. There is no information or no evidence to indicate that we have a fourth victim out there,” Woods remarked. 

Speaking about his outlook on the case, Woods expressed his determination to have it resolved.

“We’re gonna get them. They are going to find them,” he added. “They’re going to put the pieces of the puzzle together... Their a**** (are) going to be right over there in that jail.”