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Florida police officer joins basketball game with kids following noise complaint

When Officer Bobby White arrived at the scene of a noise complaint — with kids playing basketball — he knew exactly what to do.
/ Source: TODAY

Noisy, rambunctious children who wake their whole Gainesville, Florida, neighborhood playing basketball don't stand a chance against Officer Bobby White.

On the court, that is.

Last week, one resident appears to have taken issue with the good times, and the cops were called to the scene. To be fair, we can't say definitively whether the person who deemed the situation worthy of a noise complaint was in the right. We weren't there when it all went down.

But we'd be lying if we said we weren't Team Noisy Kids. Having fun and getting fit at the same time? That can only be a good thing. And besides, from the looks of this video, these kids were shooting hoops in the middle of nowhere. Seriously. Cue the tumbleweed.

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Confronted with the terrible crime, Officer White knew exactly what to do: dribble for a while. Lower the hoop to a suitable height. Then, score an epic slam dunk before speeding (er, carefully and responsibly maneuvering his motor vehicle) away.

“We posted the video because it’s no secret that the national conversation is that the relations between police and citizens have not been great at all," Officer Ben Tobias, public information officer for the Gainesville Police Department, told in a phone interview. "We need to focus our efforts on kids committing crimes — not on kids playing basketball and laughing in the Florida sun.”

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He went on to explain that this sort of event isn't unusual for Officer White.

"This is right up his alley, actually. He's always been very passionate about the children and youth of this community," Tobias continued. "Last year, he made a request to use some department funds to purchase footballs and basketballs to keep in our patrol room. Anytime we saw kids out that needed something to do, we'd give them one."

Sounds like the Gainesville PD is Team Noisy Kids, too — and we're glad about that.

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