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Florida 'basketball cop' brings Shaquille O'Neal as backup in game with local kids

Officer Bobby White brought Shaquille O'Neal as backup in a basketball game with local kids he teamed with after his kind response to a noise complaint.
/ Source: TODAY

The first time Gainesville, Florida, police officer Bobby White visited a group of kids for a noise complaint from a pick-up basketball game, he defused the situation with a few dribbles and a slam dunk.

The second time, White challenged the kids to a game and he made sure to bring backup — a 7-foot-1-inch future NBA Hall of Fame backup.

Retired NBA great Shaquille O'Neal surprised the kids by joining White and some of his fellow officers for a pick-up game last week on the same roadside hoop that White stopped by for the Jan. 15 noise complaint.

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The former L.A. Lakers star had seen a viral video of White shooting hoops with the kids and got in touch with the Gainesville police about joining in for a rematch.

O'Neal has shown long-standing support for law enforcement, having trained to become a reserve officer for the Los Angeles Port Police during his time with the Lakers and a Miami Beach reserve officer during his time with the Heat.

"I brought some other backup for ya'll,'' White joked before O'Neal emerged from a police car.

The 43-year-old shot some hoops with the kids and also parted with $800 after telling each of the eight kids he would give them $100 if they made a foul shot.

At the end of the visit, he then huddled the boys together to deliver a message.

"Stay out a trouble, listen to your parents, respect your elders, and you can be anything you want to be,'' he said.

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