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'Daddy!' Watch a serviceman reunite with his family on the TODAY plaza

Grab a tissue and watch the sweetest thing you'll see all day.
Servicemen and women on the TODAY plaza
Dozens of servicemen and women gathered on the TODAY plaza for Fleet Week Thursday -- and we had a special surprise for one of them.Nathan Congleton/TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

It's Fleet Week in New York City, and that means members of the Navy, Marines and Coast Guard who have been deployed overseas are taking a break for some well-earned rest and recreation back on U.S. soil.

For some of them, it also means reuniting with family they haven't see in months or more — and for one of them, the chance to do that came as a complete surprise on the TODAY plaza Thursday morning.

Warning: You might want to grab a tissue before you press play!

Navy officer Devin Turner, from San Diego, was one of dozens of servicemen and women who stopped by the plaza for a moment of recognition for their service, but when Carson Daly greeted him, it soon became clear that there was something more to the moment.

The TODAY anchor handed the unwitting officer the mic and gave him the opportunity to "do the news" for his family watching back home.

Or so it seemed.

"Our top story this morning is Fleet Week," Turner read from the teleprompter. "As our ships sailed to New York, people from all over came to honor the military, including one family who traveled all the way from San Diego to surprise their husband and father, Devon Turner."

As said his own name, Turner bowed his head realizing what was about to happen.


When he looked up again, he was surrounded by love.

Devin Turner gets to hold his family again after months away from homeTODAY

Turner's wife, Stephanie, and their 6-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son — who hadn't seen him since January — ran into his arms.

Mom was the only member of the family in the know about the reunion, which left the petty officer and his kids speechless — almost.

Navy officer Devin Turner reunites with wife Stephanie and their two children on the TODAY plaza.Nathan Congleton/TODAY

The little ones greeted him with cries of "daddy!" and he simply said the moment was "amazing."

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