Firefighters use all their strength to rescue 700-pound horse trapped in pool

/ Source: TODAY

A horse mysteriously ended up in his owner's backyard pool in Upshur County, Texas, Wednesday.

Firefighters worked to rescue a horse from pool.Courtesy of Ewell Fire Department

After a neighbor caught wind of what was going on next door, she called the Ewell Fire Department notifying them that the horse might be drowning.

"When we got to the scene, the owner was nowhere to be found and three other horses were surrounding the pool," Fire Chief Jeremy Lindsey told "There's no way to tell how long the horse had been in the water, but he was shivering pretty badly."

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Firefighters had to use all their strength to help the roughly 700-pound horse get out of the pool.Courtesy of Ewell Fire Department

The horse, estimated to be about 700 pounds, took five firefighters and two sheriff deputies to get him out, using recovery straps attached to the firetruck.

"The water was dark and murky and looked as though it was spooking the horse," Lindsey said. "He kept thrusting his head up and once he got his front end out of the pool, he realized that's the direction he needed to go in to get out."

It is unclear how the horse got trapped in the pool.Courtesy of Ewell Fire Department

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It appears as though the horses have been living in an outdoor shed to keep them out of the cold, which is where they're currently residing under care until their owner comes back to claim them.