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Is Fido fat? Gadgets to help your pet slim down

From treadmills to scales, Wendy Diamond of Animal Fair shares the latest products to help your dog or cat lose weight.
/ Source: Weekend Today

If your dog or cat is tipping the scale, they're not alone. Almost half of America's pets are overweight, and that can contribute to health problems. Wendy Diamond of Animal Fair has some products to help them lose weight.

Jog a Dog
Jog a Dog is a treadmill designed for your dog. You select the machine based on the size of your dog, and he'll get a good workout walking or running on the treadmill. It's designed with the input of veterinarians, physical therapists and engineers. Benefits of this machine include: reduces risk of injury, versatility in exercise, develops muscle strength and stamina, provides exercise any time of day and, most importantly, it'll improve his health and well-being. $,1095 (depending on size), available at

Go Dog Go
This is the first and only automatic fetch machine for dogs. It's designed to let you choose how much or little playtime you want with your dog. Simply press a button on a remote control (set to three modes) and the bucket will launch out a tennis ball, one at a time, for your dog to chase. He'll be getting a good workout and won't even realize he's burning calories because he's having so much fun. $149.95, available at

Now there will be no more guessing when it comes to how far your pet has run or walked during the course of his very busy outing. The Petometer is a digital clock that counts distance walked, steps made and calories burned. It's perfect for city walks, backyard romps, sport runs, or even leisurely strolls. Fits all canine lifestyles! Comes in six fun colors. $14.99, available at

Redmon Pet Scale This is a “must-have” for all pet owners. The Redmon Pet Scale is an accurate, easy to read scale that's indispensable for weighing your pet. Best part is it works on parcels, too (up to 44 pounds). This scale features a durable gray finish, removable stainless steel tray, and zero setting device. $39.99, available at Petco

Cat Dancer
If you can't get your cat to move, then this is the answer. The Cat Dancer is an interactive toy that has a spring steel wire and a toy mouse or catnip attached at the end. Your cat will get a good workout. $4, available at