From Felix the Cat to Angry Birds: See Macy's balloons change with the times

Like any good Thanksgiving guest, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons are overstuffed and larger than life. Ever since a giant Felix the Cat took the place of real-life animals in the parade in 1927, children (and a jaded parent or two) have been dazzled by their favorite characters.

Today's kids can say goodbye to Felix and hello to Angry Birds, making their debut in 2015. But some old favorites remain — Snoopy is the character who's stuck around the longest, at almost 40 years.

Check out some of our favorite balloons over the years in this slideshow.

The first Disney star to be a giant balloon in the Macy's parade was (of course) Mickey Mouse, in 1934. The mammoth mouse was more than 50 feet tall, built by the Goodyear Rubber Company. And look closely at the attendants guiding Mickey down the street: They're all dressed in Mickey and Minnie Mouse costumes!Macy's; Getty Images