From family to finances, Maria Shriver helps with #DoingitAll

Maria Shriver and more than a dozen experts will launch a conversation about women balancing work, family and life as part of a three-day TODAY series, #DoingItAll.

It comes on the heels of the Sunday release of "The Shriver Report: A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink," done in partnership with Center for American Progress and focusing on women in economic peril. Find out how to get the e-book on

Maria will share stories and lead discussions across NBC News about various topics, including how "having it all" has morphed into "just hanging on," how women who are powerful are also powerless, and she’ll provide working women with tips on how to be successful in today’s economy. 

For #DoingItAll, TODAY received hundreds of responses from viewers telling us what "doing it all" means to them. Maria connected some of these viewers with experts hoping to give them a little help in their lives.

The series will culminate with a Help-A-Thon on TODAY Wednesday, January 15, where 13 TODAY legal, health and personal finance experts will be on hand to answer tweets, emails, and Facebook messages as they come in during the course of the broadcast. 

Also next week, our TODAY Moms social community and a panel of experts will continue to offer practical advice on how to balance #DoingItAll at home, at work and in life.