Ex-NBC employee says he sent money to women for Bill Cosby

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By Scott Stump

A former employee of NBC Entertainment who says he worked for Bill Cosby has come forward to claim he regularly brought young women to Cosby's dressing room. He also says he was asked to send money to multiple women over the years.

Frank Scotti claims that as Cosby's right-hand man, it was once his job to guard the door after bringing young women to Cosby's dressing room in Brooklyn, but that he doesn't know what went on behind closed doors. 

"I felt like a pimp,'' Scotti, 90, told Kate Snow in an interview that aired on TODAY Monday. "Every time he had somebody I had to watch, I had the girl stay there. I felt dirty." 

"It appears that his story is pure speculation so that he can get his 15 minutes of fame,'' Cosby's attorney, Martin Singer, told NBC News. 

Scotti also claims he was asked by Cosby to send money to various women, sometimes thousands of dollars a month, and that he has come forward to speak out in their defense. 

"I just felt, you know, he's not the person I thought he was,'' Scotti said. 

Former NBC Entertainment employee Frank Scotti saved copies of money orders that he says detail payouts to women on behalf of Cosby. Today

Cosby has never been charged with a crime, but 18 women have now publicly accused the comedy legend of sexual assault or attempted assault. The actor has always denied allegations of assault.

Frank Scotti, 90, says he was Bill Cosby's right-hand man.Today

Some of the facts claimed by Cosby's accusers about situations that occurred decades ago have sometimes been conflicting or inconsistent. Still, many of the women tell similar stories all these years later.

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"It is completely illogical that so many people would have said nothing, done nothing, and made no reports to law enforcement,'' a spokesperson for Cosby said. 

A former NBC Entertainment employee has come forward to claim he once regularly brought women to Bill Cosby's dressing room.Gerardo Mora / Today

"I know people are tired of me not saying anything, but a guy doesn't have to answer to innuendos,'' Cosby told Florida Today after receiving a standing ovation at a comedy show on Saturday. "People should fact-check." 

Spokespeople for NBC Entertainment were unavailable to comment on Sunday.

NBC News' Kate Snow contributed to this report.

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